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    This is not another thread begging for the efed to remain open, but rather one discussing a possible alternative.

    Most of us in the efed section have come to grips with the fact that the section is about to be closed down. Most of the feds here have implemented their back-up plan to go to another site to keep their selective feds open. There is COUNTLESS hours of work by each Fed here on eWN that needs to be archived for each Fed for history purposes and the continuation of shows.

    What I kindly ask Mr. Frank to do for us, is if in fact you are closing the section please allow us adequate time to get everything archived onto our new sites. How dow you do this you ask? When the time does in fact come, close every fed's main discussion thread where the users cannot post in it and give us 14 days to document our shows for history purposes before you completely remove the section altogether.

    As I have said, there is countless hours of work that each creative member of each respective fed (myself included) has put into creating the shows and it would be a total and utter shame for us to lose them.

    I ask now that a Mod close this thread to keep any further Tom Foolery/begging from making its way onto this thread. I also ask that no other users post here. Frank, if you could be so kind as to re-open this thread and post your reply to it that would be great.

    Thank you,


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