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    SvR 2011 questions

    Hey guys whats goin on? I've got a few questions about the new SmackDown vs Raw game for you guys. First of all, is it any good? I haven't bought a wrestling game since Wrestlemania 2000 for the N64 and while that game is great (and yes I do still play it) I feel the need for more CAWs and I heard this game allows you to have 50.

    Anyway, what type of matches can you have; specifically can there be a 5 on 5 traditional Survivor Series-esc match and fatal 4 ways? The reason i ask is that, call it weird, but I like to create specific storylines in my head and watch as the computer plays them out in addition to actually playing the game myself, and I got (what I think at least) is a pretty sick idea for a storyline that involves a series of factions fighting for control of the WWE. The two heel factions are Nexus (consisting obviously of the leader Barrett, Otunga, Slater, Gabriel, Michael McGillicutty, and Husky Harris) and the McMahon Family Regime (consisting of Mr. McMahon, HHH, Shane McMahon, X-Pac, and the New Age Outaws) as an ode to the attitude era, and the two face factions are The Indepedents (yes I stole this from another forum member, but it was so awesome of an idea I had to run with it) consisting of CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Kaval, Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, and Desmond Wolfe and the other face faction are the Kamakazes with the Great Muta, Mitsaharu Misawa, KENTA, Jushin Liger, Ultimo Dragon, and Tajiri.

    Well now that I'm done telling you my life story, I also want to ask a few more questions. Namely, who do you start out with in the game and who do you have to unlock? And also, will at least some of my CAWs have their names called out during their entrance or will it be "the superstar" again? Thanks in advance.

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    I picked up the game, havent had a whole lot of time to play, but here is what I know

    Most main roster guys are in the game from the beginning, the legends are unlocked through Road to Wrestlemania mode, doesnt take terribly long.
    some of the main roster divas, and superstars need to be unlocked through WWE Universe mode, guys like Ezekial Jackson, William Regal, Goldust to name a few.

    3 on 3 is the closest you can do to Survivor series, but fatal 4 way is available in many different game modes.

    some of the newer guys to the roster are not in the game, but some Nexus members and others will be available for downloadable content during the holiday season.

    Currently the game has no Nexus members, Daniel Bryan, Usos, Tyler Rex, these are just off the top of my head, but I suppose that is what CAWs are for.

    And for the style of game you like to play, I would recommend this game because there is a create a story mode go, you can put em on your screen rather than playing them in your head. Dont feel bad though, I once had a computer played Tournament for all the characters in WCW Revenge for N64, winner got to face the champ, who I had as DDP at the time.

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    Dont feel bad though, I once had a computer played Tournament for all the characters in WCW Revenge for N64
    lol i once did the same thing and Executioner won

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    The create a storyline mode looks awesome. As soon as i can get some money on my card imma def by this game. Yea I always used to either do Royal Rumbles to see who the # 1 contender is, and King of the Rings to decide the champ, or vice versa in Wrestlemania 2000. I had JBL as my WWF champion with Stone Cold as the #1 contender and Kurt Angle as my World Heavyweight champion with Edge as the # 1 contender.

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    I wish they would make it like Know your role 1&2, RAw 1&2, Shut your mouth, Here comes the pain, and SVR 06. My friend already picked this game up an told me it was a mega letdown.
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