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    Dolph Ziggler: Could He Be This Era's Ric Flair?

    I know...because I am guilty of it myself...that many comparisons have been made between Dolph Ziggler & Mr. Perfect, & for obvious reasons. I can see, however, Dolph Ziggler being this generations version of the 'Nature Boy' Ric Flair: a cocky, talented heel champion that holds the major belts for a significant amount of time, becomes a major draw, wins matches he is supposed to & connives his way out of matches he may lose.

    I am hoping Ziggler splits from Vickie Guerrero very soon, but remains heel & wins the WHC shortly thereafter. Although he has had Vickie as a mouthpiece, I see infinite potential in his promo-cutting skills from the few times he has let loose on the mic. Flair was not always the 'Ric Flair' that we know all came to know & love on the mic in his early years; he had to develop & grow into his role....something I can definitely see in Ziggler at this young point in his career (& yes, I know he was in the Spirit Squad, for any smarks that want to comment that his career isn't that young, blah blah blah).The 'Show-Off' gimmick is perfect for him, as it allows him to play into his over-the-top-cocky persona....just with a 21st century twist, in contrast to Flair's 80's 'jetsetter' persona. We also all know about his tremendous selling skills, also similar to Flair's ability to sell his opponent's moves. The selling of moves is really what bolstered Flair's character to the level it reached: You would see Flair get out-powered, out-manuveured, but still had the resolve to absorb so muc damage & still pull out the win, by hook or by crook, at the end. I can see Ziggler being a very similar champion & being that 'SuperHeel' the WWE needs to contrast the 4 face 'Supers' the WWE has now (Cena, Punk, Sheamus & Orton).

    Curious to know what my IWC fam thinks...
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