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    The Last Four Men at the Royal Rumble

    Who do you think should be the last four men at this year's Royal Rumble? Should it be veterans or mid-carders? Maybe both? I think these men would be perfect as the last four men at the royal rumble:
    -John Morrison
    -Dolph Ziggler
    -Daniel Bryan
    -Michael Cole jk. The Miz
    I would make John Morrison win by eliminating The Miz. However, with the direction WWE is taking, odds are slim to none. What if this was to happen at the Royal Rumble 2012? Thought and opinions?....I also vote for a Daniel Bryan and Dolph Ziggler as the last men at a future Royal Rumble followed by a match between them at Wrestlemania!
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    - Miz
    - Orton
    - Morrison
    - Del rio

    with Del rio winning

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    -Del Rio

    Del Rio is my pick, but Orton prally will win cause hes SuperOrton

    Cena Vs Barrett for the WWE Title
    Edge Vs Swagger for the World Title

    I think something to watch at this years Royal Rumble will be The Nexus factor... I imagine gang warfare and them making a huge impact.

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    I think Christian (if back from injury) would be great to win the Rumble! He deserves big time.

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    If Christian was to return at the Rumble, he would eliminate Del Rio. :]

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    none of the people u mention have a shot imo...i think triple h will return and win hell orton and maybe even cena have more chances...jus tsaying...wwe pushes talent but they hold them back as well

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    Who will be the last 4 remaining? Well...that's hard to say since we don't know exactly who will be involved (I'm sure guys like Cena, Edge, Barrett, Kane, Sheamus, HHH, Del Rio & Mysterio won't be simply because of feuds) but I'll take a stab at as I think it will be:

    -Randy Orton
    -The Miz
    -John Morrison
    -CM Punk

    As who will win? "The Viper" Randy Orton is clearly going to win the Royal Rumble to main event Wrestlemania & get back his title from more then likely John Cena or possibly Wade Barrett depending on if he has the title or beginning a feud with Taker.

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    How do you know Orton won't be champion at the Rumble already?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rich Cranium View Post
    How do you know Orton won't be champion at the Rumble already?
    Simply because all indications have Orton losing the title at Survivor Series. WWE has plans to have a build up of a Orton-Cena feud in early 2011 to main event Wrestlemania for the WWE Championship (the first seed will be planted at Survivor Series). Expect Cena to win the WWE Championship at the Royal Rumble against Wade Barrett. Also, WWE has had significant thoughts on turning Cena heel just around Wrestlemania (if they are going to turn Cena heel expect it around that time). Orton is going to get another major push in early 2011 for the WWE Championship (they want a bigger build up for him to win the WWE title as some believe within the company he won the title too soon as a tweener) so you can expect Orton to defeat Cena at Wrestlemania for the WWE Championship that has followed with a big build up.
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    your an idiot'll believe anything the internet/ryan clark tells you.


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