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    So I think he is easily the most in shape and skilled ECW guy left out there. WWE claims they need stars, well, is there a chance we will see Rhyno back in the WWE?

    I hope so, I think he could really teach these young guys some in ring mechanics and how to quicken the pace. When Rhyno gets rolling in the ring, god it makes me jizz its so gorgeous.

    I think WWE could use an established star from the past rather than the same old WWE guys always coming back. Hell really, does a match between Rhyno and John Cena sound that bad? I think it would be pretty cool to see under the right circumstances.

    But where would Rhyno fit in the WWE right now? He doesn't really have ECW connections, maybe his closest friends would be Edge and Christian.... thoughts?

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    Nope - no need for Rhyno.

    There are enough experienced guys still wrestling and behind the scenes. And WWE really do not handle the experienced guys properly that they have now.
    Always blame the fat guy.

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    Gore Gore Gore= Bore Bore Bore

    U MAD???
    lol exactly.


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