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Thread: WWE Schedule

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    Most guys/wrestlers are paid by a yearly contract.... Limiting the number of PPVs wouldn't hurt other then the money it brings in from advertisers that pays most of the contracts in the WWE...
    You go back and look at the 80s when WWF/E and NWA was running 4 house shows a weekend... not to mention TV tapings once or twice a week and 2 or 4 house shows during the week.... Sure the travel is still hectic but nothing like the old days... Raw 3 hours, 2 hours of Smackdown or a 3 hour PPV helps.... Esp those in the Mid-card, otherwise if you limit their schedule they become lazy.
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    The schedule is absurd! They need to limit the events that wrestlers can appear. Have them rotate house shows. I could not imagine what guys like Cena/Punk are going through. House shows + Raw + Smackdown 2 + Dark matches. Its amazing that wrestlers are not injured more.

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    Yeah the schedule sucks alright but they will never reduce the number of ppvs. If anything they could cut back on house shows a little bit.

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