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Thread: the undertaker

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    the undertaker

    when do you guys or do you think the undertaker will ever return to smackdown because it was so much better when ever the deadman is on there

    i heard he is returning on the 1000th raw could he return to smackdown after that?

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    I personally won't hold my breath on seeing him back on Smackdown, he's done with a full or even semi-active type of schedule, I think he's content with just doing Wrestlemania builds from now on. Interestingly enough, I think he's also been edited out of the Smackdown intro and put into the RAW one, if I'm not mistaken. So if he's going to appear anywhere, it'll likely be a RAW appearance. It'd be nice seeing him on the 1000th RAW, being one of the only vets from the beginning left, but I'd say it's unlikely IMO.

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