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    Fire Pro Wrestling

    Are there any Fire Pro Wrestling players in here?
    If you don't now what it is this video will tell you all about it

    If you don't care about graphics and just care about gameplay this wrstling game is for you. Download an ISO and an emulator for this freaking game. Things that the wwe games have done Fire Pro did them around 5 years earlier or more. This game is a long japaneese series which started in the 80s and has evolved the last game being Fire Pro Wrestling returns. They have unlicensed wrestlers but you can download saves with everything renamed you can also create or download saves with over 500 wrestlers. Wrestling promotions like NOAH NJPW AJPW WWE TNA WCW WWF ECW LEGENDS MMA UFC Boxing etc

    I really reccomend this game, so many movesets, attires, wrestlers, rings, belts, paint tool, and referees

    This is more of a stragetic game where you have to focus on timing and start with small moves and work your way up until you can hit your finisher, you can try the big moves from the start but mst likely it will get reversed
    Hell it has GM Mode


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    The last sentence says it all

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    Interesting, may check it out.

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    what sort of emulator

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    I love some Fire Pro.. I even made characters from EWN lolol..


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    Anyone with Xbox 360 check out the new Fire Pro-Wrestling came in the XBLA??
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