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    I W L - International Wrestling League

    coming soon...
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    I W L - International Wrestling League

    Professor Pimp Pimp Hurray
    Finishing Move: The Bitch Breaker
    Finishing Move: M.I.A.M.I. Nights
    Flint Brimstone
    Finishing Move: Ticket To Hell
    Silverback Sean Davenport
    Finishing Move: Silverback Lariat
    El Hijo Del Muerte
    Finishing Move: La Muerte De Arriba
    Johnny Flames
    Finishing Move: Solar Flare
    The Tetsuo Virus
    Finishing Move: The Infection
    Black Moses
    Finishing Move: The 11th Commandment
    Wayne Warren Williams
    Finishing Move: WWW.COM
    Ari Fleischman
    Finishing Move: Audit Drop
    Finishing Move: Dragon Sleeper DDT
    Toa Samoa
    Finishing Move: Coconut Buster
    Abdul Mohammad
    Finishing Move: The Final Testament
    Gorilla Gargan
    Finishing Move: Gorilla Press Driver
    Father Dom Lorenzo
    Finishing Move: Saving Souls
    T.X. Forbes
    Finishing Move: Tax Time
    The Instant Replay Mikey Manson
    Finishing Move: Top Rope Brainbuster

    Finishing Move: Dead On Arrival
    Brahma Vishnu
    Finishing Move: Observe The Creator
    Finishing Move: 450 Press
    The Further

    Finishing Move: The Hereafter

    Tag Teams/Stables:
    Hookers & Hoes (Professor Pimp Pimp Hurray & M.I.A.M.I.)
    Planet Of The Apes (Silverback Sean Davenport & Gorilla Gargan)
    The 3 Wisemen (Black Moses, Abdul Mohammed, & Brahma Vishnu)
    Guerreros Voladares (El Hijo Del Muerte & Apocalypto)
    Demon's Gate (Flint Brimstone, Leviathan, & The Further)
    The Internal Revenue Service (T.X. Forbes & Ari Fleischman)
    Instant Gratification (Johnny Flames & The Instant Replay Mikey Manson)
    The End Alls (The Tetsuo Virus & Flatline)

    IWL World Heavyweight Champion: Professor Pimp Pimp Hurray
    IWL Television Champion:
    Wayne Warren Williams
    IWL Tag Division Champions:
    The Internal Revenue Service (T.X. Forbes & Ari Fleischman)
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    Young Sau! You creating a new fed bro? What are the basics?


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