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    The Wrestling Halls of Fame... Plural

    When most wrestling fans today think of the "Wrestling Hall of Fame" they automatically assume it is the WWE Hall of Fame. I personally find that offensive. There are at least 6 Hall of Fame's in the United States. (I am uncertain about Japanese/Mexican/British ones and know Stampede had one in Canada.) One is for amateur/collegiate/olympic style wrestling so let's ignore that in this discussion. So of the 5 remaining there are 3 "company" ones, one minor mixed one and 1 major Hall. The 3 company Hall of Fame's are the WWE, WCW, and NWA Hall of Fames. I don't consider being in the WWE one any more prestigious than the other 2. However WCW closed not long after starting one so has few members. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter has one from all companies. The major Hall of Fame is the Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame, which is located in upstate New York. Similar to the Baseball, Football, or Basketball Halls, you can go on tours and see many historic displays. This is the real Hall that actually has a building and exhibits.

    I feel Vince has used his Hall as a wrestling Angle (remember Stu Hart's admittance) and a joke (William Perry and Pete Rose???) and think it is disgraceful to the honor that a hall presents the true legends of wrestling. It upsets me that so many people consider this the major one, or only one. It is one of Vince's gimmicks, which would be fine, except there really is a legitimate Hall of Fame that most people don't know about. When people discuss Hall of Famer's, they usually discuss Vince's. In fact although they never mentioned which one it was, when TNA did their stupid Hall of Fame ring angle a few months back, most people assumed it was the WWE one. I like to imagine that they were discussing their rings from the TNA Hall of Fame. (I see Hogan, Flair, Angle, Styles, Roode, Storm, Sting, Jeff Jarrett, Mike Tenay, and Traci Brooks as the first honorees)... well maybe not yet, but someday TNA will have one just like all the other companies. And yet when they do people will likely accuse them of ripping off the WWE, which shows how brainwashed people are.

    I've compiled a list of the members of the 5 Hall of Fames. I have used the following codes to let you know which they are in C represents the WCW Hall, N the NWA Hall, O for the Wrestling Observer Newsletter one, V the WWE Hall (for Vince), and * for the actual Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame. There are only 3 members of all of the Halls: Terry Funk, Harley Race, and Gordon Solie. Eddie Graham needs only the actual Hall which is likely to come in the next year or 2. Ric Flair missed out because WCW disbanded just before he would have made theirs, but is in the other 4. A few things I find shocking are that Arn Anderson isn't in any of them yet, although the rest of his "family" is and that Toots Mondt isn't in the WWE one considering he founded the company with Vince Sr.

    Abdullah the Butcher (O), Afa (V), Perro Aguayo (O), Lou Albano (V*), Paco Alonso (O), Gene Anderson (N), Lars Anderson (N), Ole Anderson (CN), André the Giant (OV*), Kurt Angle (O), Animal (O), Bert Assirati (O), Lioness Asuka (O), Tony Atlas (V), Steve Austin (OV), Shohei Baba (O*), Bob Backlund (O*), Penny Banner (*), Jim Barnett (NO), Little Beaver (*), Chris Benoit (O), Red Berry (O*), Dick Beyer (O*), Black Shadow (O), Tully Blanchard (N), Freddie Blassie (OV*), Blue Demon (O), Nick Bockwinkel (OV*), Paul Boesch (O*), Dr. John J. Bonica (*), Paul Bowser (O), Bobo Brazil (OV*), Gerald Brisco (V), Jack Brisco (NOV*), Bruiser Brody (O), Orville Brown (*), Dick the Bruiser (CO*), Mildred Burke (O*), Martin Burns (O*), June Byers (*), Earl Caddock (O*), Édouard Carpentier (O*), Negro Casas (O), Masahiro Chono (O), Riki Chōshū (O), Donna Christanello (*), Ed Chuman (N), Cora Combs (*), Dennis Condrey (NO), Dennis Coralluzzo (N), Jim Cornette (NO), Jean Corsica (N), Joe Corsica (N), Al Costello (O*), The Crusher (CO*), Fuzzy Cupid (*), Jack Curley (O), Don Curtis (*), Alfonso Dantés (O), Billy Darnell (*), Ted DiBiase (OV*), Ilio DiPaolo (*), Dos Caras (O), Tom Drake (*), James Dudley (V), Emil Dusek (O*), Ernie Dusek (O*), Joe Dusek (O), Rudy Dusek (O), Dynamite Kid (O), Bobby Eaton (NO), El Canek (O), El Hijo del Santo (O), El Santo (O), El Satanico (O), El Solitario (O), Jackie Fargo (O), Howard Finkel (V), Ric Flair (NOV*), Francisco Flores (O), Mick Foley (O), Mr. Fuji (V), Tatsumi Fujinami (O), Masakatsu Funaki (O), Dory Funk, Jr. (NOV*), Dory Funk Sr. (O), Terry Funk (CNOV*), Verne Gagne (COV*), Cavernario Galindo (O),Hank Garrett (*), Ed Don George (O*), Gorgeous George (OV*), Robert Gibson (N), Terry Gordy (O), Frank Gotch (O*), Karl Gotch (O*), Billy Graham (OV*), Eddie Graham (CNOV), Grand Wizard (V), René Guajardo (O), Eddie Guerrero (OV), Gory Guerrero (O), Nick Gulas (N), Triple H (O), Georg Hackenschmidt (O*), Stan Hansen (O*), Bret Hart (OV*), Jimmy Hart (V), Stu Hart (OV), Hiroshi Hase (O), Shinya Hashimoto (NO), Hawk (O), Michael Hayes (O), Roy Heffernan (O*), Bobby Heenan (OV*), Curt Hennig (V), Paul Heyman (O), Danny Hodge (NO*), Hulk Hogan (OV*), Akira Hokuto (O), Antonio Inoki (COV*), Iron Sheik (NV), Rayo de Jalisco Sr. (O), Jerry Jarrett (N), Tom Jenkins (O*), Chris Jericho (O), Rocky Johnson (V), Don Leo Jonathan (O*), Junkyard Dog (V), Leilani Kai (N), Martín Karadagian (O), Toshiaki Kawada (O), Don Kent (O), Gene Kiniski (NO*), Kenta Kobashi (O), Fred Kohler (O), Nikita Koloff (N), Aja Kong (O), Konnan (O), Killer Kowalski (OV*), Ernie Ladd (COV), Dick Lane (O), Stan Lane (O), Blackjack Lanza (V), Jerry Lawler (OV), Jimmy Lennon (O), Mark Lewin (*), Ed Lewis (O*), Evan Lewis (O*), Jushin Liger (O), Lord Littlebrook (*), Lizmark (O), Jim Londos (O*), Bill Longson (O*), Tarzán Lόpez (O), Sky Low Low (*), Salvador Lutteroth (O), Akira Maeda (O), Peter Maivia (V), Everett Marshall (O), Sherri Martel (V), Ida Mae Martinez (*), Devil Masami (O), Mil Mascaras (NO*), Masked Assassin (C), Dump Matsumoto (O), Mike Mazurki (*), Earl McCready (O), Wahoo McDaniel (CO*), Leroy McGuirk (O), Vincent J. McMahon (OV*), Vincent K. McMahon (O), Danny McShain (O*), Ray Mendoza (O), Shawn Michaels (O), Bill Miller (O), Mitsuharu Misawa (O), Toots Mondt (O*), Gorilla Monsoon (V*), Fabulous Moolah (V*), Pedro Morales (V), Ricky Morton (N), Mr. Wrestling II (C), Sam Muchnick (NO*), William Muldoon (O*), Blackjack Mulligan (V), Don Muraco (V), Keiji Mutoh (O), Rey Mysterio, Jr. (O), Chigusa Nagayo (O), Bronko Nagurski (O), Bull Nakano (O), Betty Niccoli (*), Kay Noble (*), Pat O'Connor (O*), Gene Okerlund (V), Kintaro Oki (O), Atsushi Onita (O), Paul Orndorff (NV*), Bob Orton Jr. (V), Tom Packs (O), Pat Patterson (OV*), Antonio Peña (O), William "The Refrigerator" Perry (V), John Pesek (O*), Jack Pfefer (*), Roddy Piper (OV*), Angelo Poffo (C), Ivan Putski (V), Harley Race (CNOV*), Dusty Rhodes (COV*), Tommy Rich (N), Wendi Richter (V), Rikidōzan (O*), Yvon Robert (O), Buddy Roberts (O), Antonino Rocca (OV*), The Rock (O), Johnny Rodz (V), Buddy Rogers (NOV*), Pete Rose (V), Jim Ross (OV), Len Rossi (*), Lance Russell (NO), Masa Saito (O), Kazushi Sakuraba (O), Bruno Sammartino (O*), Billy Sandow (O), Tito Santana (V), Jackie Sato (O), Randy Savage (O*), Angelo Savoldi (*), Satoru Sayama (O), Baron Mikel Scicluna (V), Dan Severn (N), Frank Sexton (O), Ben Sharpe (*), Mike Sharpe (*), The Sheik (NOV), Hisashi Shinma (O), Roy Shire (O), Sika (V), Dara Singh (O), Arnold Skaaland (V), Sgt. Slaughter (V), Jimmy Snuka (V), Gordon Solie (CNOV*), Gus Sonnenberg (*), Ricky Steamboat (OV*), George Steele (V*), Ray Steele (O*), Ray Stern (*), Joe Stetcher (O*), Tony Stetcher (O), Ray Stevens (O*), Chief Jay Strongbow (V*), Big John Studd (CV), Sandor Szabo (O), Nobuhiko Takada (O), Genichiro Tenryu (O), Lou Thesz (*CNO), Chris Tolos (*), John Tolos (*), Manami Toyota (O), Jumbo Tsuruta (O), Frank Tunney (O), Bob Uecker (V), Último Dragón (O), The Undertaker (O), Maurice Vachon (OV*), Paul Vachon (*), Big Van Vader (O), Greg Valentine (V), Johnny Valentine (O*), Jimmy Valiant (V), Johnny Valiant (V), Diablo Velasco (O), Jesse Ventura (V), Nikolai Volkoff (V), Chris Von Erich (V), David Von Erich (V), Fritz Von Erich (OV), Kerry Von Erich (V), Kevin Von Erich (V), Mike Von Erich (V), Koko B. Ware (V), Whipper Billy Watson (O), Bill Watts (OV), Saul Weingeroff (N), Jaguar Yokota (O), Mae Young (V*), Stanislaus Zbyszko (O*), Wladek Zbyszko (O*)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Freder View Post
    I like to imagine that they were discussing their rings from the TNA Hall of Fame.
    Please allow the most stand out forum poster in the EWN community to give his infinite wisdom on this matter. TNA HALL OF FAME, they cant even do confetti right. I wouldn't hold your breath for a TNA HALL OF FAME, but you can be certain when it goes under, it will have a HALL OF SHAME. My fist nominee is

    BREAKING NEWS Energizer Bunny arrested, charged with battery.

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    The TNA hall of fame? That will belong to WWE soon after inception!
    If I can be serious for a minute..

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