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    Would you like to see more Number 1 contendership fueds?

    My point is alot of times two guys will have a fued on a show and really have no reason to be fueding with each other, other than something creative throws together. So why not have fueds that revolve around the number 1 contendership. Instead of having one match on raw or smackdown the week after a PPV why not build a fued and have it come to a end at the PPV.

    Like right now for example you have on Smackdown the fued between Undertaker and Kane for the Title and we know that will last a few PPVs, but lets say they were to end the fued at the HITC PPV. Why not after NOC you start a fued with CM Punk and IDK Kofi Kingston ( just as a example) and have them work a fued that culminated in a match at the HITC PPV where the winner would get the next title shot. Now I know some people will say that if a face wins the number 1 contendership at the PPV that automatically gives away the ending to the main event but i think that isnt right cause look at it like this.

    Say At a PPV you have Sheamus vs Orton for the title and John Cena vs Wade Barrett for the number one contender. If Cena wins then alot of people would say ok Sheamus is gonna retain the title but not so fast you could still have Orton win the match and either have a triple Threat because Sheamus has a rematch clause or on Raw the next night then you could have Sheamus vs. Cena to see who gets the shot first. I just think this would make certain fueds mean a little more with less chances for a DQ ending and things of that sort.

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    It would even help better if there were split-brand PPV's where you have to fill the card

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    Quote Originally Posted by Y2LUUK View Post
    It would even help better if there were split-brand PPV's where you have to fill the card
    A great idea! And yes, i want to see more no 1 contender feuds! The only notable one at the moment is the one for the tag titles, where you have The Dudebusters and Hawkins/Archer battling each other on superstars each week (at least I'm hoping that's why they're against each other each week!!). You used to have no 1 contenders feuds all the time a couple of years ago before the PG era! I don't get why they've dried out, as it has nothing to do with being PG!!
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    I want split brand PPVs back, there was always decent feuds throughout RAW because they needed to fill the card. Nowadays, those smaller feuds have been ditched...Because they won't be on PPV anyways and even if there is a small feud, no one really cares cause it won't be on the PPV lol

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    Yes i would like to see more no.1 contendership fueds, i have always enjoyed them.

    As others have said it would help if they had split brand ppvs back but that is unlikely to happen.

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    I'm not sure feuds over the number one conterdership would be needed, a simple match would be suffice in my opinion, the actual fact the match would make them #1 contenders is enough, don't think it would need a feud, a short program maybe but that'd be about it, I would like to see more focus placed on a #1 contenders match though

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    Personally I remember the top ten rankings on WCW Worldwide and would love for a company to bring that idea back and use it properly. TNA teased it but other than the Kurt Angle storyline they haven't actually used it properly.

    Its an ideal way to create match ups that otherwise wouldn't make any sense AND its a great feud starter too... I don't get why TNA don't get it and WWE just don't have it.

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    it would be good if they could do that more they did that quite a bit when bischoff was on raw but not as much in recent times and bring back the own brand ppvs i havent been much of a fan of the 2 brands beeing on the same one

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    Both the split-brand and uni-brand ppv have their ups and their downs. But your idea would work best in split-brand ppvs.

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    I never liked the idea of brand split PPVs before, but looking back here is the obvious:

    With a brand split PPV, and people learning to stay on their own shows, then the feuds can actually be called FEUDS and not a 3-week thing!!! A rivalry can be built up properly and slowly over the weeks, and make watching the PPV matches much more interesting. Because amazing talents like Christian, mini-Dibiase and John Morrison are sometimes left off the card, and by doing brand split PPVs they can be put in!
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