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    When Husky was dropped from Season 2 of NXT I was dissapointed. He is one of the very few superstars I actually mark out to. I just love his character, he reminds me of a cocky arogant bully, picking on everyone and sugesting he's the best.

    When he was eliminated I thought he could join the Nexus and replace Darren Young but now i've thought about it a bit more, I think that would just take away his character. The Nexus are about working together for this higher purpose, I really cant see his character doing that. Eli Cottonwood I could see on the Nexus (however I hope not) but Husky is ready for the spotlight I think.

    Anyway, back on Topic

    I enjoy the Nexus story and hope it doesnt suffer from the two losses. Creative better pick the ball up quickly on this one.

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    i believe to make the stable more believeable they need to get a title round there waists (tag team hopefully) but not barrett yet otunga and gabriel

    also i think they may bring in some new people from NXT2 to fill the gaps of bryan, Skip, and darren i would like to see cottonwood there or maybe mr perfects son i forget his name

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    If they go after tag team gold i think the best combination would be Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel.

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    I'd be surprised if Eli Cottenwood got called up for Nexus, he does have height but thats really all he has, he tries to look deranged but for me he fails to pull it off, he is just a big skinny guy, his body also isn't anywhere near the standard I'd expect of a Pro Wrestler at a local gym nevermind the WWE, his arms are very very undefined

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    the nexus storyline isnt as intense for me as it was before they lost at summerslam, they were dominant and they had that feeling as if they can do anything to any superstar on the raw roster, the loss at summerslam just mean they can be beat and after they got rid of one of their own even if its darren young, it could be the start of the breakdown opf their crew...
    so maybe the nexus as of summerslam is slowly staring to diminish it wont be fast but evenutally wade's thinking would lead the group to see differently and one by one the nexus will be gone until wade is the only person taking in revenge from superstars who were victims and the past nexus memebers....
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    The Raw GM lifted the ban that stated that the Nexus couldn't compete for titles. So maybe the Nexus will get a chance to fight the tag team champions. I don't see the Nexus dissolving away, i just see them as staying together as one.

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    I think all the season two rookies will join nexus (apart from eli cottonwood and titus o neil) and be the smackdown version and wade barrett will move over to smackdown to be their leader. leaving the other six on raw to be led by the miz or heel micheal cole AKA the GM. amazing jack swagger vid .

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    I think the original Nexus would lose all credibility of that happened to be honest mate, if you look at the original eight Nexus guys, Danielson is gone from it, Barrett would be from it, the two most credible guys, they have eliminated Young from it and now Skip Sheffield is a goner due to injury, that would leave them with four guys, one of them being the very useless David Otunga and as good as Tarver is on the stick he has not looked anywhere near credible in the ring.

    I do think it would be good to shave Nexus down to four guys from NXT1 though and bring in another three/four guys from NXT2

    Husky Harris, Kaval and Alex Riley

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    the Nexus is slowly fading away.

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    Out of all of them I see Barrett and Gabriel getting into some title contintion...maybe even Slater. I know Barrett is in Night of Champions for the WWE title- but since its not one on one it does not count. If the other guys stick around in Nexus- just let them be backup/bodyguards or whatnot. Sheffield is the better of the 3 left that I did not mention, Tarver looks tough and is decent on the mic- but Otunga? get rid of him. To keep Nexus around I have to agree with:
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    I do think it would be good to shave Nexus down to four guys from NXT1 though and bring in another three/four guys from NXT2

    Husky Harris, Kaval and Alex Riley

    But I would say Henning instead of Kaval


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