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    Nope, neither do I. But when you're the son-in-law of the owner you're gonna be in everything whether the fans want it or not.

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    I also hope that Michael Cole isn't the GM of raw. I feel its kind of obvious that Triple H would become the leader of Nexus at Summerslam, but it would be cool because the Nexus as the rookies, would have a veteran leading the way for them to take over Raw. The storyline brings something new to WWE and I like it

    People also think that Cena would turn heel and become the leader for Nexus, but no matter how much I'd love that, WWE wouldn't make their poster boy heel and if I'm wrong about that, WWE would shock me!

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    i love the idea of hhh being behind it all

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Watcher View Post
    Nope, neither do I. But when you're the son-in-law of the owner you're gonna be in everything whether the fans want it or not.
    I think a lot of people feel that way, not just us and a few others! Even most wrestlers.

    I love the idea of turning Cena heel though, and putting the WWE in 'danger', and then maybe it is a storyline that could possibly go all the way to Wrestlemania!

    The storyline needs to go on longer, shouldn't die at SummerSlam, otherwise Wade Barrett won't be built up to be such a good main eventer.
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    i would LOVE to see cena turn heel, and see how that works out. it would be the biggest turn since hogan.

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    leader of nexus

    Bret hart.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tommy Thunder View Post
    I also hope that the new member of team WWE at Summerslam will be [....] Bryan Danielson, that would be epic!!
    Wishful thinking, I'd love it if Bryan Danielson is the 7th member of Team WWE.... the Miz would finally decide that "he's in" backstage at Summerslam, only for Cena to say he's found a better candidate and brings in Bryan Danielson.... Thus leading up to the old mentor vs rookie feud again, letting Miz drop his US title so he can cash in MITB.

    Again, wishful thinking.... In reality, I think he's booked for some indy shows soon.

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    Wow, I hadn't even considered a situation like that Necro. That's awesome.

    I think at Summerslam Morrison is going to turn on Team WWE and join Nexus. I think it'll be a great fit. There seems to be signs of a heel turn anyway... His squabbles with R-Truth, the growth of a beard (think CM Punk heel turn).

    From there, I think Nexus needs to get some titles. The tag belts should be on two of them (I think Young and Gabriel would be cool). They should get the US belt too. I think if Morrison joined he'd be good with the US belt, taking it from Miz and then feuding with R-Truth with it.

    I don't foresee HHH being a member, let alone the leader, of Nexus. I do think he'll return at SS, but I think it's going to be to go after Sheamus. I'm not sure how he'll factor into Nexus at all though, because obviously someone that big needs to be playing some role... Although, Orton's not playing much of a role against Nexus either.

    Going back to the titles situation... I think Nexus needs to be about opportunity. Joining needs to mean more than just not getting jumped by them. It needs to mean that now you've got a legitimate shot at doing something with your career.

    I also think Nexus is here to stay for a little while. They've made wristbands and t-shirts and have sold tons of them... You really think they're gonna just squash the angle by the end of this year? I think we're likely to see this riding all the way to Wrestlemania. I really hope so, anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SgtGohan View Post
    i dont see any of those things happening, except for michael cole being the GM.
    I've been saying this for awhile. Cole really showed me something when he had the in ring exchange with Danielson. IMO that was his best work ever and I really thought he could do well has a Heel on-screen character

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    yes, cole is definitely a natural heel


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