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    WWE NXT Stable Thread

    Discuss the Nexus stable, views, thoughts etc...

    i.e. Where you think it will go?. Is there a leader of Nexus?.

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    At the moment the obvious leader is Wade Barrett. But the Nexus says there is a purpose to what they have done each time.

    Maybe some outsider, or even insider who has something to prove is getting them to do it (by storyline obviously), which could be revealed after SummerSlam. E.g. Triple H returning as a heel, unshaven, with a suit (I hope)

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    I agree, i think there is someone else behind nexus. and my money is on Triple H or Cena.

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    Miz might b behind Nexux.... as he is now joining Team WWE to face Nexus in Summerslam in place of khali so xpect Miz to turn the tables on Team WWE and help Nexus win the match and b Revealed as their leader....
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    Wouldn't it be great if Bryan Danielson was the 7th man on team Raw?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jackyboy M View Post
    Wouldn't it be great if Bryan Danielson was the 7th man on team Raw?
    It was Amazing. I marked the fuck out

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    hmm, never even gave any though to that. good thinking. and then he might also cash in the contract and become wwe champion or be stopped by the rest of team wwe. could be an interesting story line.

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    I do like that idea with the Miz but I do not see it happening. I think that Triple H will be the leader of the Nexus. Also, how long do we think this storyline will on for? I could see them ending it at the end of the year, maybe Survivor Series like they did during the Invasion angle of 2001. They could maybe stretch it to Wrestlemania depending on how well the storyline is doing.

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    I still think it's Michael Cole, the guy has enough heat on him already, so he would be a good fit (and it would be a chance for JR to fill in for him while Cole is away from the table, or even Josh Mathews could fill in as he hates Cole as we can see from their commentary in NXT). Also, Cole insists on saying "and I quote" before every e-mail, so i think he's trying to fool us into thinking it's not him!!! Just my opinion though!!

    I also hope that the new member of team WWE at Summerslam will be HBK (obviously for a one night only thing), or Bryan Danielson, that would be epic!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tommy Thunder View Post
    I also hope that the new member of team WWE at Summerslam will be [....] Bryan Danielson, that would be epic!!
    Wishful thinking, I'd love it if Bryan Danielson is the 7th member of Team WWE.... the Miz would finally decide that "he's in" backstage at Summerslam, only for Cena to say he's found a better candidate and brings in Bryan Danielson.... Thus leading up to the old mentor vs rookie feud again, letting Miz drop his US title so he can cash in MITB.

    Again, wishful thinking.... In reality, I think he's booked for some indy shows soon.


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