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Thread: Drew McIntyre

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mikeyboy7777777 View Post
    drew mcintyre isn't even in the bloody game wwe 13 IF i believe the leaked roster which sucks wtf did sin cara, jinder mahal and rey mysterio do the last year? most were injured mahal just got jobbed and great khali? he just returned why is he in the bloody game? the usos reks & hawkins and drew mcintyre should have been in the game this is fucking bullshit i've been waiting to play the usos in the game for over 2 years wth is wrong with wwe.
    but mcintyre is a great star and i really hope wwe won't fuck him up anymore i hope he won't get released because finlay put him over matt hardy put him over he should have gone straight to the top he was interesting new kind of a new gimmick now he turned into a bland heel guy which seems to have nothing else to offer.
    Until the roster is confirmed by like THQ or something like that I do not believe he is not in the game.

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    I've lost all hope for Drew now, I'm a big fan, I really hope he gets the push he deserves but I'm just not getting my hopes up.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Bennyladd1 View Post
    I've lost all hope for Drew now, I'm a big fan, I really hope he gets the push he deserves but I'm just not getting my hopes up.
    As long as Drew is employed by the WWE I will have hope.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Phantom Menace View Post
    WWE pay checks don't bounce!!
    Yes they do, while I'm dry humpping them on the bed... But yeah, he's pretty cool. Theme song and all. Randy and him would make a good heel stable.

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    Have you ever asked yourselves what if he doesn't want to get pushed??

    He may be waiting for a time like now that main event guys are suspended??

    Or he's like Brock doesn't like the road too much so he doesn't like to be featured much??

    He's maybe earning a long push he's just delaying it. . .

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    I've been trying to figure this out for the longest. IDK maybe Drew isn't marketable enough or something. He has always been a great wrestler, has the look, and great size, and to be honest he's not that bad on the mic. Maybe he needs to go back to injuring people and put on some braveheart facepaint or something (not exactly like braveheart but some facepaint that hints at his scottish roots). Anything that will change his character and get him noticed...Just an idea

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    It is troubling that he hasn't gotten out of the doghouse yet after the tiffany incident its been more than a year now.

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