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    Effe'n Lesnar

    I have been following WWE and WCW since the mid 90's and I haven't seen a wrestler that has been as selfish and conceded as one Brock Lesnar! This man only works for himself and gives nothing back to the fans and I for one am sick of it. He had the chance to be "The Next Big Thing" in the WWE (even though he didn't have mic skills AT ALL) and I was on board because he had it all; size, speed, ability, accolades, attitude, a big push from Vince, and most of all Paul Haymon, but that wasn't good enough for him he wanted to play NFL which he failed miserably at. Then he thought he could go into the UFC and compete. The only person that got hyped and flopped more than Lesnar was Kimbo; what a waste of time and money these guys were. UFC has top athletes that have trained in MIXED MARTIAL ARTS not just wrestling and boxing. Lesner had no chance. That leads us to his current situation. He couldn't compete in the UFC so he "retired" to go back to WWE where the wrestling fans (and their 6 month short term memory) gave him a second chance, just for him to turn his back yet again and talk about going back to UFC. Now like I said I am a long time wrestling fan and do realize this could be a work and if it is, it is an epic cross promotional work the likes of which will be legendary, but if this is the real situation I say FU*K Lesnar! Who's with me?

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