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    Punks Hair

    So, looking back through the past 6 or 7 years, Ive noticed a trend with cm punks hair. Hes gone from the total punk with long greasy hair to a skraggley cult leader with greasy long hair, to a decent looking guy, in my oppinion because he always has his hair gel'd up. It started when he lost the hair match to Mysterio. I think he is more marketable and a better fit for face of the company with short hair/gel'd back. I think Vince has put some sort of no hair gel ban on punk! Thoughts?
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    Why on earth have you made a thread about this? Lol!

    I think he looks good as he is now with the slicked back hair, and I agree that he's more marketable as a 'face of the company' type guy with his current image.
    Simple fact is though, his hair has changed as the gimmick demanded. Plus it's to do with action figure sales and other stuff that has his face on it. I recall a while back that Vince was pissed at Zack Ryder for dying his hair blonde because all the Zack Ryder merch hd him with his normal brown hair. Also, that's why MVP changed up his look after he left WWE. He wasn't allowed to change his look while in WWE because he had to look like his action figure and other merch looked. Once he left, he straight off changed up his look.
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