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    How about a take 4 = Ziggler comes to the ring for a match against say.... Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, Cody Rhodes, or maybe Christian. He then pulls a year 2000 Triple H and tells Vicki and Swagger to go to the back stating that he, (Ziggler), can win all by himself, then does so. This would in effect start Dolph down the same road as Triple H took years ago, becoming an awesome heel champ, and even a good face.
    You sir are a genius.
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    Could another option be, Ziggler stays heel, Swagger stays heel and they just dont work together anymore.
    Ziggler is over now, and draws heat on his own. He goes on to singles matches.
    Swagger really still needs Vicki and her heat and mic work. I would like him to gain a new tag partner. My first choice being Alex Riley!
    I understand Riley is a face, but he is doing nothing and did well as Miz side kick, think the next step is tag team.

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    He has been a total waste of talent so far. Think about the amount of pushes this guy has had I mean they handed him the world title and still no one cared. He is missing something. Not sure what it is, but it will keep him from going to main event.

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    Well it looks like he's going to begin a feud with Orton which would suggest he'll stay heel. I think for Dolph's longer term benefit he should remain heel for the time being. If he turns face, he'll be at least 5th in the pecking order behind Cena, Orton, Punk and Sheamus whereas if he stays heel and receives a push he has the potential to become the number one heel especially as both World Champions are faces right now.

    A way they could play it out is to have Orton take on Ziggler next week on Raw with Vickie in Zigglers corner. Have Vickie inadvertantly cost Dolph the match and afterwards have Ziggler tell Vickie he's done with her and will make an impact on his own. The next week on Raw Ziggler comes out and attacks Orton to 1. Show that he is still a heel and 2. Set up a rematch at No Way Out where it's simply one on one.

    As for Swagger, I wouldn't have him involved in the break up and just have him feud with someone like Santino with Vickie still accompanying him to ringside so he is still heel too.

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    Ziggler needs to get away from Jack. Maybe even Vicki. Man she's so hot.

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