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    Good or Bad: Batista Marvel

    Hey everyone I have decided to start doing a little thing I like to call Good or Bad. Where I will bring up a topic give my opinion on it and ask you the people whether it's a good thing or bad thing and why.

    Now to start things off it will be the recent news of Batista being casted in the new Marvel movie Guardians of The Galaxy. I personally say Good because not only is it great for Batista for his movie career to take off, but it also means that he has surpassed John Cena in something outside of wrestling because not only is it a big movie, but it's most definitly not the last time we will see Batista as Drax the Destroyer. Plus I also see Batista showing up on WWE television around the time the movie comes out to promote his movie and have an interaction with someone.

    So what do you guys think? Good or Bad?
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    Good for him. He's also in the new "Riddick" film.

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    Quote Originally Posted by venom28- View Post
    Good for him. He's also in the new "Riddick" film.
    Thats true but thats not as big as a Marvel movie
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    good, i think it can be the start of a succesful action movie career and will give wwe exposure,

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    Good for him, don't care one bit about its effect on the WWE or any comparison to John Cena.

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    I think its a great look for batista personally but unless he's actively wrestling or at least planning on coming back then it wont really make any difference for the wwe.

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    Good for him, he deserves the success. Good for the film, to have someone who actually looks like Drax playing Drax is great. Horrible in many ways for a comics fan wanting a well acted Drax, and instead being given Batista, who, although he isnt the worst actor, definitely isnt a very good actor.
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    Good for him Marvel films have gained a massive audience recently with The Avengers being the best selling.

    This could be the start of something massive for Batista.

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    Good surely.
    I haven't seen any of the low level movies that Batista's done thus far, but this is a big break for him. This could be the start of his Hollywood movie career, so good luck to him.
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