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    TNA Impact Taping Results (9/02) *Spoilers*

    TNA Impact (Airing next Thursday on Spike TV):

    * Hulk Hogan is out first with Eric Bischoff and Ms. Tessmacher. He says he loves coming to work because the greatest talent in the wrestling business is here. He says they call the guys in the semi-final the Final Four and calls thenm all out. Mr. Anderson, D'Angelo Dinero, Jeff Hardy and Kurt Angle come to the ring. Hogan says everybody knows what happened to Rob Van Dam and whoever gets the belt needs to raise the bar. Bischoff says the decision to strip RVD was one of the hardest decisions he ever made. While talking, Abyss comes out with Janice. He gets in the ring and Hogan says nobody called him. Abyss says he has a newsworthy revelation from them. Hogan says to stop the crap because everybody knows it's Flair and Fourtune. Abyss says they were never Fourtune or EV2.0. He says he has a date of the revelation and it's 10-10-10. Hogan tells Abyss to get out of his face. Abyss says when they arrive they're not just taking over but will turn things upside down and get rid of Dixie Carter and everybody else in the ring. Hardy attacks Abyss and has to be held back by everybody. Abyss says nobody's life will ever be the same after 10-10-10.

    * The Beautiful People of Velvet Sky & Angelina Love vs. Madison Rayne the Masked Rider. Madison and the Masked Rider were not announced. Winner after a helmet shot to Velvet while the referee was distracted, Madison Rayne and the Masked Rider. After the match, she took her mask off to reveal herself to be Tara.

    * Stevie Richards vs. Abyss. Winner via Stevie Kick, Stevie Richards. Abyss brought a chair in the ring but the referee stopped him which allowed the kick. Abyss was looking for Janice but someone had moved it and that's why he used a chair. After the match, Abyss beat up Richards and tossed the referee out of the ring. Brian Kendrick ran out and made the quick save. He hit a baseball slide dropkick to Abyss and helped Richards get away.

    * EV2.0 of Tommy Dreamer, Sabu, Rhino and Mick Foley come out. Foley is limping heavily. Dreamer gets the mic and demands Fourtune come to the ring for attacking Foley in the back. Fourtune come out and stay at the entrance ramp. AJ Styles says this is his house and everybody needs to shutup. AJ asks if they really think they have a chance at No Surrender? Does Sabu think he can beat Douglas Williams? Does Rhino think he can handle Abyss? Then AJ Styles vs. Tommy Dreamer in an I Quit match? Dreamer says they don't have to wait until the PPV, they can come to the ring right now. It can be the four of you vs. the four of us. I think we went to commercial and came back after that. When the music stopped, AJ said their suits cost too much to ruin. Fourtune leaves and EV2 are left in the ring.

    * In the back, Jeff Jarrett asks Samoa Joe to be in his corner again, this time in his match against Sting. He's not going out there just for himself, he's going out for everybody in TNA and for Joe. Joe says he's right and he's learned you look out for your own.

    Jeff Jarrett vs. Sting w/Kevin Nash. Winner after a failed suplex attempt, Sting. Jarrett tried to suplex Sting into the ring but Nash tripped Jarrett and Sting landed on him. Nash and Sting were beating up Jarrett after the match so Hogan came out. While Sting and Nash were waiting for Hogan to attack, Samoa Joe ran in and cleared the ring.

    * Desmond Wolfe & Magnus w/Chelsea come to the ring. Wolfe says while Beer Money and the Motor City Cap Guns have been killing each other, him and Magnus have been proving themselves on Xpolosions and will show at No Surrender. Magnus calls MCMG a couple of hobbits sitting around the TV playing video games. He says everybody should be embarrassed to have MCMG as their tag champions but he and Wolfe are here to save the day. The Motor City Machine Guns' music hits and they join Wolfe and Magnus in the ring. Aex Shelley asks the crowd if they think Magnus' hat is stupid. He congratulates Wolfe and Magnus for becoming #1 contenders. Shelley says if they think they killed themselves in 5 matches with Beer Money to just lose the belts to them at No Surrender then they're not thinking straight. Sabin says yes, they do like to dabble in some video games and yes, he does find Ms. Pac Man sexy you douche bags. Sabin says the only tag teaming they've been doing is with each other. Wolfe says he gets it, they're calling they were supposed to be a couple of poofs yet they're the ones with a girl. Shelley asks if they're such big men, why does Chesea always have an unhappy look on her face. Wolfe tells Chelsea to tell these wankers what real men they are. Chelsea says if there was a sword fight right now, his weapon would fall short. Wolfe and Magnus attack MCMG and wipe them both out.

    * AJ Styles, Kazarian & Beer Money, Inc. w/Ric Flair, Matt Morgan & Douglas Williams vs. Tommy Dreamer, Sabu, Rhino * Brian Kendrick. This is an elimination match. Sabu has been eliminated first. Kazarian eliminated next by Kendrick. After that, Kendrick gave a flying kick to the referee and the match broke down. A giant brawl broke out all over the place, other refs had to come out and restore order. Kendrick was eliminated due to disqualification. Mick Foley has also come to ringside. Abyss came out to the ring and started brawling with Rhino all over the place leading to Rhino being counted out and eliminated. Roode eliminated next by Dreamer. Storm eliminated next by Dreamer. Winner via Pele kick, Fourtune. Morgan and Flair caused a distraction which lead to the finish.

    * Jeremy Borash just announced we have the real main event now with the Fatal Four guys. Mr. Anderson & D'Angelo Dinero vs. Jeff Hardy & Kurt Angle. Winner after a mic check to Kurt Angle, D'Angelo Dinero & Mr. Anderson. Dinero stole the pin again so he and Anderson came to blows and ended up brawling around the ring. Angle and Hardy ended up brawling too. Security ran out and broke up both fights but the fights kept restarting.


    * Eric Young & Orlando Jordan vs. Generation Me. Winner via schoolboy from Young to Max Buck, Eric Young and Orlando Jordan.

    * TNA X Division Champion Douglas Williams vs. Jay Lethal, non title. Winner via giant neckbreaker, Jay Lethal.

    [B]Furture World Champion Daniel Byran![/B]

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    you do the set already posted these spoilers


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