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    Quote Originally Posted by Pumpkinhead View Post
    What would be the problems in held a PPV in London besides the timezone???
    Nothing, the problem is the timezone

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    There shouldn't really be a problem with the timezones. The UK is between 5 and 7 hours in front of the US, dependant on which coast your on. So even if we did get it, and it started at the standard 8 pm it would mean that it would be live in the US mid- afternoon. Is that really a major problem?

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    Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas should host WM30. Can hold over 100,000 people and would be a sight to see.
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    I think WM would benefit from being in the UK, there are a number to large enough venues, like Wembly, Millennium stadium, the Olympic stadium etc. I feel it would make WM a more prestigious event for it to be held in the UK. And I am aware people in us are worried about timezone issues, but Europe would love it, and I'm fairly certain there would be enough Ppv buys to make it very lucrative. After all I think there are more fans in Europe as a continent than in the USA.
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