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    This has been the wishlist I have been posting:

    Randy Orton vs CM Punk - WWE title (Punk, being the last Raw superstar eliminated from the Rumble, becomes number one contender after winning a non-title match on Raw.)

    Edge vs Christian - World's Heavyweight Title (Edge wins against Kane and Christian winning the Rumble match)

    John Cena vs Undertaker (Cena reveals that it was him behind Nexus attacking Taker to lessen the "big dogs" which can stand up to his new regime with Nexus now that he runs the group after taking out Barett)

    Kaval vs Rey Mysterio vs Kofi Kingston - Triple Threat for the reactivated Cruiserweight/Light Heavyweight Championship

    Gail Kim vs Natalya - Divas Championship

    Daniel Bryan vs Alberto del Rio - Intercontinental Championship (Not really sure how to play this out since it's inter-promotional)

    The Miz vs Triple H (Miz cashes in MITB after a Cena vs Orton vs HHH champ match. The Game felt dissed and beats down the Miz. I think this will really help elevate Mr. Awesome. Feuding with other mid-carders doesn't help a lot in raising his stock)

    Money in the Bank - Sheamus, John Morrison, Wade Barret, Justin Gabriel, MVP, Cody Rhodes, Drew McIntyre, Kane (Morisson for the win)

    Don't know what to do with Big Show...


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