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Thread: Hi there

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    Hi there

    Hello, my name is Yeecy. My username is indeed derived from the nickname of Kanye West, and yes, I'm a fan. I like Kanye and I like a lot of metal. Overall, I like many things. Football (Houston Texans!), MMA (HENDO!), Wrestling, writing, foruming, and joking are among my favorite things to do. And well, I'm all over the internet. On two other wrestling forums, on one other forum, and another e-fed, along with frequenting and other wrestling related sites. I'm a big fan of BTBs. I write many of them, and would like to bring one here. I'll look into it. Anyways, yeah, I may or may not know some of you. I've never utilized Yeecy as a username so you wouldn't know me as that, but nevertheless, I'm glad to be here.

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    Like Kanye and like metal

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    Welcome to EWN! Have fun posting here!

    If you're into e-fedding, check out EWNCW in the e-fed section, and hit me up if you're interested!
    Want to join EWN's original e-fed? Join EWNCW NOW!
    Want details? Just ask me!

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    Wow. This is the 5th member signing up that has displayed interest in the e-feds.
    Hey.. I'm not telling you anything that you don't already know.


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    Yes man!

    Welcome to the forums!

    I love some Kanye West myself!

    Pic related: It's Kanye West.

    I A M A P A U L H E Y M A N G U Y

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    Welcome bro!

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    Welcome fella enjoy!!

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    Welcome to the Forums, have fun !

    Also JS that's Kid Cudi not Kanye but I think you know that lol.

    E-fed: Jackson "The Boss" Smith- IWA & former ICW superstar
    DJ "The Ladies Man" Williams w/ Rosita-EWNCW
    Devon "Just Damn Good" Jones

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    Thanks for the warm welcome, but e-fedding here isn't an option. Don't mean to let anyone down but my obligations are elsewhere. I do however look forward to engaging in some nice conversations, wrestling related and otherwise. I'll see you folks around.


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