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    Quote Originally Posted by magglis View Post
    I want to see him facing Punk for the title with Heyman on his side
    I'm liking that idea!! Lesnar loses of course cant have him winning now!!

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    Brock should face.......the fact that if it wasn't for Jericho and Tensai, he'd have the most underwhelming return to WWE of all. But seriously, Brock should face..........up to the fact that Rena has his balls in her purse! Ok no, really now.....Brock should turn, wait......I'll get there.....

    Ooooooh! OOooooooh! Colin Delaney!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lucas Chapel View Post
    Must see match series/ feuds:

    Lesnar vs CM Punk
    Lesnar vs Daniel Bryan
    Lesnar vs Randy Orton
    Lesnar vs Sheamus
    Lesnar vs Jericho/ Christian/ Del Rio - (Mini fueds/ only a couple of matches each)
    Lesnar vs Steve Austin

    I need nothing less from Lesnar's current WWE run.
    Nice picks mate Would love to see all of this but sadly it wouldn't happen.

    Lesnar vs Orton after HHH.
    I'm jus sayin...

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    I'm over it already tbh. He came back on a contract where he doesn't have to show up often which is annoying. I know he has a family and all but he's only around for a year, he could easily do more dates for the year. Also he is still piss weak on the mic. They let him have his few weeks on his own before they knew they had to bring in Heyman to be his mouthpiece again. I'm really just bored with it atm. The guy needs to show up for it to be interesting. Rock pulled it off via satellite because he can actually talk.

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    Yea Lesnar vs Orton seems likely after he is done with HHH. Did Lesnar and Orton ever cross paths during Lesnar's first go around?

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    I thought they were working with limited dates. None of Brocks feuds will have enough time to have a serious build up.
    Hey.. I'm not telling you anything that you don't already know.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Tommy Thunder View Post
    I can only see Lesnar facing the top established guys in WWE during this run. He's faced Cena, he's now going to face HHH. The only other guys I see him facing are Big Show, The Rock, Undertaker, Orton and possibly Punk. I'll give Sheamus and Bryan an outside chance.
    If this happens, they need to resurrect the Brawl for All.

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    Orton Vs Brock would do wonders for Smackdown, if Randy stays on the Blue Brand. Del Rio Vs. Brock makes no sense unless Brock is face. Brock Vs. Triple H would be amazing if this was 2002.


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