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    Who should Brock face after Triple H?

    What do you all think?

    Personally, I think he should face a younger star. Not always the big names. Let Lesnar fac someone like Barrett after he returns and won the teased Money In The Bank around the summer. If you're about to say, "why Barrett? He hasn't achieved anything yet." Then wait just a minute. Hear me out.

    Lesnar could come out stating that he has nobody to feud with in the 'E because it isn't anything like the UFC. Let him state that no WWE Superstar knows what it's like to feel REAL pain. Stating that UFC was going all the way for the human body. Something that is typically rare with the superstars of the 'E.

    Then have Wade Barrett come out and let him talk about his time when he was a Bareknuckle Fighter. Let Barrett tell lesnar that he knows what kind of pain he is talking about. Barrett could also then state that Lesnar is right with the fact that the average WWE Superstar doesn't know what it's like to walk around with a broken face... (you know, the typical Barrett style promo's). And that after all, he could do it to Lesnar. Having him shove it down Lesnar's face.

    Starting their feud...

    PS: maybe llet it go for the ownage of the briefcase that Barrett by then would have won. (possible idea, wwe-storyline wise)

    What do you think?

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    I want to see him facing Punk for the title with Heyman on his side

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    I can't see it happening, but I would LOVE to see Lesnar Vs Bryan!
    It could be like a modern day Lesnar/Angle match, with lots of mat/amateur/Japanese style wrestling.

    However, I think it will be either Punk or Orton.
    Having fought both John Cena and Triple H, Punk and Orton are arguably the next biggest stars in the company so it would be one of them.
    Failing that, it'll probably be Sheamus, promoted as two big guys, one the past and one the future of the WWE.

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    I want to see Barrett in the same fued each week, not only one time a month vs Lesnar, because of Lesnar's contract date stipulation

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    Quote Originally Posted by PSOjedi View Post
    I want to see Barrett in the same fued each week, not only one time a month vs Lesnar, because of Lesnar's contract date stipulation
    if the 'E plays smart they let Paul Heyman do some stuff weekly and have Brock Lesnar do some promowork via sattelite like they did with The Rock

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    Must see match series/ feuds:

    Lesnar vs CM Punk
    Lesnar vs Daniel Bryan
    Lesnar vs Randy Orton
    Lesnar vs Sheamus
    Lesnar vs Jericho/ Christian/ Del Rio - (Mini fueds/ only a couple of matches each)
    Lesnar vs Steve Austin

    I need nothing less from Lesnar's current WWE run.

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    I can only see Lesnar facing the top established guys in WWE during this run. He's faced Cena, he's now going to face HHH. The only other guys I see him facing are Big Show, The Rock, Undertaker, Orton and possibly Punk. I'll give Sheamus and Bryan an outside chance.
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    I can only see him feuding with 2 or 3 guys before his contract is over. The Triple H match will probably be only a one off, but I can see him perhaps feuding with Orton for a couple of months. This way Orton can get a win or 2, plus Brock can get a win aswell, so he hasnt spent a year losing, if he is set to face Taker or Rock at Mania, they are going to have to make it look like he may win.

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    I'd say his next feud will be against Brodus Clay. They should have it where Clay is dancing in the ring after another Dolph Ziggler squash and u hear Lesnar music everyone's in shock. Lesnar goes to the ring. Stares at Brodus then all of a sudden breaks out in dance and everybody continues dancing the ladies, the children,and hornswoggle. Then a swerve Brock gets Clay into the F5 mid dance and slams him on top on Hornswoggle. all the kids cry the ladies leave. Paul Heyman arrives enters the ring berates the kids and tells them to get fuck out of the ring. There you go a perfect storyline free of charge

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    @Keith Stone - HILARIOUS, laughed out loud at work.

    I'm sure I'm just pipe-dreaming, but I'd love Ziggler to leave Vickie and Swagger, turning him face. He'll than recruit Mason Ryan to be his muscle, as they attack Lesnar. Why? "Night in and night out I steal the show. You show up one day a month and you take my main event opportunities?! Now, I'm so damn sick of being so damn sick - but I'm also so damn sick of seeing has beens like you take my spotlight. I'm the Main Event Necessity - The Squared Circle Savior" I'd be fine with Lesnar getting the W, as long as Ziggler got in some legit offense and made a name for himself in the process.

    .0017% chance of happening. But it would make ole T Draino happy.


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