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    Exclamation ECW/Extreme Reunion Fallout

    -- The Extreme Reunion people have booked a return date at the National Guard Armory in Philadelphia for June 30th. From the beginning, Shane Douglas and others involved have stated that this was not a reunion tour and that they were building a new promotion.

    -- The plan is to use new talents along with the ECW alumni to create a new generation of sorts.

    i cant fucking wait to see this as a big fan of ecw growing up as a kid and ecw was experience to watch it fucking
    awsome thing seeing shane dounlas throw down nwa belt and seeng terry funk fighting with sabu in a brabwire match wrere
    the should died that night and tommy dramer vs raven was col then seeing shane douglas giving the ddt on gary wolf and then taz who talked about sabu evey night and then seeing mikey whipwreck beat the sandman was shocking
    i can not to see The Extreme Reunion

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    I have a feeling this is going be a great event man.

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    So another ECW tribute show, this is getting abit predictable now! Tommy Dreamer and Shane Dougless should just fight instead of bickering over how ECW should be remembered! Personally I think Hardcore Justice was worthwhile as it was not letting Vince have the final word! but Dougless show probs won't show us anything new!

    Thats not to say the original ECW was brilliant or the 2 One Night Stand Pay Per Views in O5' and O6' because it was, Nothing in Wrestling has been as exciting as a well done ECW show! guys like RVD, Mike Awesome, Raven, Jerry Lyn, The Dudley Boyz, Sandman, Tommy Dreamer will never be fogotten and that's why we don't need constant reminding.

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    I'm all for this, providing they do it right...

    ...But there's one man that Extreme cannot be Extreme without...

    ...Paul E.

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    It looks like Extreme Reunion was a total shit storm.

    Source: The Wrestling Observer

    Here are some backstage news and notes from last night's Extreme Reunion event:

    -- The show started 30 minutes late due to loads of last-minute creative changes.

    -- The building was sold out with about 2,400 fans.

    -- The fans chanted "This show sucks" and "End the show" after intermission. They also chanted "F*ck you Shane" at Shane Douglas during the main event.

    -- Jerry Lynn vs. Devon Storm stole the show. There were loud "Thank You Jerry, Thank you Crowbar" chants.

    -- Several women in the crowd were flashing their boobs.

    -- Sabu didn't appear at the Extreme Reunion fan convention before the show. That's when people became worried and went to his hotel room where they found him passed out. We've obtained a photo of Sabu passed out in his hotel room on Saturday. If you're interested, you can click here to view it. Reports that Sabu has passed away are completely false. He's currently hospitalized and will remain there tonight.

    -- Justin Credible was kicked out from backstage after he was reportedly found passed out.
    This is why you don't let Shane Douglas run his own show.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SLEEPY LOCO1 View Post
    It looks like Extreme Reunion was a total shit storm.

    This is why you don't let Shane Douglas run his own show.
    Shane Douglas is probably the only guy I don't want involved in running or main eventing ECW shows. The thing is, if this becomes a promotion, most of the veterans can't really do this often and they will need to build up some young guys quickly and train them in ECW style matches.



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    Quote Originally Posted by wrestlingfan66513 View Post
    Shane Douglas is probably the only guy I don't want involved in running or main eventing ECW shows. The thing is, if this becomes a promotion, most of the veterans can't really do this often and they will need to build up some young guys quickly and train them in ECW style matches.
    Didn't Douglas run the very first hXc homecoming back in 05
    ? That show was amazing., but this show sounds horrible..

    Train in ecw style matches?? There were 4 types of ecw matches. Hardcore sick spot fest. Amazing technical wrestling. Cat fights. And jokes.
    No training needed. You either have balls and high pain tolerance cab wrestle your ass off or are funny.
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    I was going to make a thread titled, The Sad Legacy of ECW but I reckon I can sum it up here.

    ECW was a phenomenon peppered with awesome hardcore moments, unbelievable hardcore drug use and occasionally, great matches. Look at the people that passed through ECW and 50% of their lives are hollow, Mickey Rourke Wrestler-esque shells of their former glory or just plain dead. ECW had an incredible hardcore fanbase but really - where are those fans now? Still wanting to watch the same old shit, that's where. If they can even afford to come now. Or are around at all.

    *smh* You know what the HARDCORE truth is? Those who could, wrestled. Those who couldn't, bought tickets. And yet the latter think they know best. What horseshit.

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    Anyone heard about Extreme Reunion PPV?It was a total disaster;Sabu and Justin Credible found passed out;Average matches!ECW is so over-rated!These guys are past their primes!How many times are they going to bring them back?First TNA,now this stupid PPV?All of them are old and rusty old in the ring especially Shane Douglas!ECW Originals who worked that show, himself included, have NEVER, EVER been close to being remotely considered a draw or major player in pro wrestling. On the indy circuit, $250 for a match is pretty damn good. A lot of indy companies don't give that kind of pay out. Also, a lot of these ECW guys were never what anyone would call stars and many hadn't been seen on a major pro wrestling broadcast in well over a decade. The vast, vast majority of ECW guys don't have any value, never had any value and never will have any value. Douglas is a broken down, middle age never-was whose best years are FAR behind him. I just wish he'd accept that he's NEVER been anywhere near as good as he's proclaimed himself to be.ECW are just a bunch of old Guys clinging on to their spot past their prime. Just a select few should stay like RVD & Rhyno should stay and others should just call it a day!

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    ECW Please let it rest in peace

    ECW was a tremendous company that broke new ground and left us with so many memories. It closed its doors in 2001 and with a great deal of hype was brought back by the WWE for a one night stand in 2005. It was a great show one of the best PPV's of all time and honoured the memory of ECW well. In my opiion that should have been the end of it. It should have been allowed to go out on top. Instead a year later it was brought back again by the WWE this time by to have a weekly slot on si -fi. The legacy was spit on with each and every episode. After the show was stopped TNA attempted to have an ECW reunion show and failed to capture the feel of the old shows in my view. Plus it does'nt help that the name ECW and the names of some of the talent is owned by the WWE. Then finally another nail in the coffin happened the other night in the Extreme Reunion show. Sabu was found passed out as was Justin Credible so they were both unable to attend. Reports coming out have been incredbily negative. With the exception of the Jerry Lynn and crowbar match the show was apparently awful. Causing some of the fans, who are ECW fans, to start chanting for a refund. This show was booked by Shane Douglas who was given abuse by the fans as well. Douglas loves ECW no doubt but booked this show horribly. My point of this thread is for people to stop trying to recreate ECW magic for money or memory or whatever else. With each horrible show that is presented it ruins the memory of what was a great and innovative company. Stop leeching off the name ECW and let it finally rest in peace.


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