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    Quote Originally Posted by DUBS View Post
    I think CM Punk vs Daniel Bryan tops both of those matches, even topping CM Punk vs Chris Jericho at Wrestlemania 28.
    Best 3 matches of this year for me have been Punk vs Jericho from ER, DB vs Sheamus from ER and Punk v DB from OTL.
    If I had to choose I'd have to say that the latter was the best.
    Punk v Jericho from WM and HHH vs Taker from WM would make up my top 5 so far.
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    Match was exactly what I expected. Nothing more to say on the matter really. It was a clinic, pure and simple. Loved every minute of it.

    I think Punk laughing at the "I have til 5" was homage, not mockery. Also believe that's why he couldn't keep a straight face about it, which I thought was hilarious.

    Always love the nods to savage, but seeing it again on the anniversary of his passing, along with the chant from the crowd, was a great moment.

    As far as the match being stiff, that's the kind of product you get from two people with complete trust in the ring. I mean, i'm not going to sell a chair shot to a complete stranger like I am to my friend who i've known since 8th grade, and neither are they. What you saw was two people putting on a show, and knowing that they can take it to the next level and make you wonder if they're really supposed to be at that point. What they did, is made you not disect them. They made you sit back, and enjoy the show, like you're supposed to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by midian View Post
    Needs to be followed up with an Iron Man Match.Bryan vs Punk was the highlight of the show.
    Yes, we haven't seen an Iron man match in a long time and what better alternative than Punk vs Bryan? But I doubt they will do it, because of time limitations. If they give 1 hour for one match, other matches are gonna be too short and they will all suck badly.


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