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    Over the Limit Post-Discussion (No Spoilers until Midnight of 5/22/12)

    I haven't seen a thread for this yet.
    Here are my initial thoughts (since I only got to see the ??? vs. Cody Rhodes match through the Cena vs. Laurinitis bout):

    This was a good pay per view. CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan was a fantastic match. I will call this a match of the year candidate. The WWE, thankfully, gave them a lot of time to really tell the story and show off what makes them so damn good. It's about time some technical wrestlers got to the top of the food chain! This match reminded me (VERY MUCH) of a Benoit vs. Angle or Jericho vs. Benoit match up. Daniel Bryan especially reminds me of Benoit. I didn't notice it until this match, but after he hit that flying headbutt, ala Benoit, and really using a modified crossface for a finisher submission, Bryan is using a base of moves much like the Rabid Wolverine's. Knowing their history, it isn't surprising, but they really did put together a good match.

    The Intercontinental Championship match was quite fun to watch. Since i only tuned in at the early to middle of this match, I was shocked to see ???. I wasn't sure if he came back on Raw last week since I missed it, but I knew who the winner of that match was going to be when I saw the two competitors. The IC title really has become more legitimate.

    The Ryback match was a waste in my opinion. That was something that could have been done much sooner. I would have preferred to see a tag title match in that spot.

    Cena vs. Laurinitis was okay, but drawn out way too long. The entire thing was crap up until the finish, really. I mean, I get the comical pace, and some of the spots, but what ever happened to the talent beating the living shit out of the on-screen boss? It's a joke feud between Laurinitis and Cena because of this. However, I did like the finish, though I predicted how the final seconds were going to play out after I realized why the third surprise superstar actually went in the ring (and didn't deliver what they wanted you to expect right away).

    Overall, this was a good pay per view from what I saw of it, with maybe slightly sloppy booking. I hope this sets up much stronger future feuds, and that the Bryan/Punk feud makes it to Summerslam.
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