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    Lot of good ideas/points in this so far. I agree with most of them. I think IF the WHC did change hands, it would go to Orton. ADR is still nursing a bit. Jericho is definitely going out for a bit to tour with Fozzy so the only way he walks away champ tonight, is by dropping it tomorrow night on RAW, so I don't really see it going down like that. I only see Jericho actually holding a title again after the summer, but even then, unless it's another unification angle, I don't really see the point. He's only here to help the would be main-eventers get some more credibility.

    Punk will most likely retain, unless of course AJ costs him the match because of the way he snubbed her on air.

    The battle royal to determine a contender for the US/IC title is especially intriguing to me. This could really be a breakout for a rising star if done right. We could see a Sin Cara return, but ideally not. He's only been back for one house show. I really think he would need some more time to work his way back in. I know it won't happen, but how many of you would mark if Ambrose made a debut?


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