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    Quote Originally Posted by HeelTurn View Post
    I think its stems to when Channel 4 used to show PPVs. The big 4 used to be Box Office and the others Sky Sports, but Channel 4 had about 4 PPVs? The only one I remember being on there though was Backlash which is now Extreme Rules. So now the big 4, plus any that used to be on Channel 4 are now Box Office.
    Yeah i remember back a good few years ago watching the Royal Rumble on Channel 4 jesus that was years ago now i was 4 at the time!!

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    only ones not on sky sports r mania, rr, ss, summerslam, extreme rules
    I wish I was sad and lonely enough to spam hate

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    Looks like I'm streaming it tonight now. Was set to be at a friends.

    Bad times.

    I A M A P A U L H E Y M A N G U Y

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    If you check out the sky sports website mate you can find out what ppvs are 'free' and ones which are on box office, there is more on box office than 'free'


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