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    I was looking forward to see Regal win the battle royal, beat Rhodes in a classic and then have a fued with Y2J over it!

    Would be epic.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JSullivan View Post
    It didn't, to begin with.

    Jericho is moaning about the fans who keep expecting him to stay in the ring (Hence the Methuselah comment) I'm guessing, and Regal is obviously a bit offended by that, 'putting him in his place' so to speak.

    I think Regal is getting at the point that Jericho shouldn't be so full of himself, because whenever Jericho comes and goes he makes a massive deal out of himself, and for someone like Regal who bleeds the wrestling business, it's somewhat offensive I'de assume.

    Of course, that's just how I perceive it to be.

    EDIT: Maybe Regal just thinks he should be more grateful. I think the problem is that Jericho wanted to be a Rock star all of his life, and now he has both, and Regal probably thinks it's a bit selfish to be in his position and be complaining that all of his fans get pissed when he comes and goes willy-nilly. It's not Jericho's fault, but he shouldn't be whining whenever fans want him back.

    Of course, 99% of this is probably just to get Heat ahead of tonight.
    Any idea what the "Perhaps I need to invent some new stuff you can steal from me!" comment was in regards to?

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    Regal > everyone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JSullivan View Post
    Ok, so according to the news on this site, Jericho and Regal have been tweeting back and forth taking shots at eachother.

    Likely, it's just storyline for a short feud before Jericho takes off, but if it's not...wat do?


    Also, if Jericho vs Regal happens, who would you have the back of?


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    I'm going with Regal in a close race

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iron Ape View Post
    Any idea what the "Perhaps I need to invent some new stuff you can steal from me!" comment was in regards to?
    Couldn't say for sure.

    I'm not sure how closely the two have worked, but Jericho has definitely got more technical over the years - maybe that's due to regal, maybe that's due to his own ability flourishing.

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