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    Thumbs up Rating the Matches at Extreme Rules.

    Last Sunday as you all know was Extreme Rules. I took notes while watching the PPV in hopes of rating each match from the PPV. Did it set the bar for what a good/great PPV should be like? Or, did it sink faster than the Titanic? Let's find out. I'll use a scoring scale as follows:

    * = Snore-fest Match
    *1/2 = Yawn Match
    ** = Meh Match
    **1/2 = OK Match
    *** = Expected Average Match
    ***1/2 = Good Match
    **** = Great Match
    ****1/2 = Edge of Seat, Eyes glued to TV Match
    ***** = Potential Match of the Year Contender

    Now on to the ratings.

    Match #1
    First up we have the You Tube Pre-PPV match for the US Title.
    Santino Marella vs. The Miz

    This match lasted around 5 minutes in total and was mostly Miz dominating Santino. Michael Cole and Matt Striker showed little to no interest in this match by talking about the up coming Lesnar Cena match instead of calling the action in the ring. Maybe this is why Titles lose their prestige and up and coming young stars never get noticed. I mean if the announcers can't be bothered to show interest, why should we the fans? Are you listening Vince? Anyway Santino wins this by hitting the Cobra finisher on Miz - Really, Really? Miz goes from WWE Champ to WWE Chump in less than a year. - What's up with that? Match = *1/2 - (I blame the announcers for this one) - (call the action!!!)

    Match #2
    This is the actual opening match for this PPV.
    Falls Count Anywhere Match - Randy Orton vs. Kane

    This was better than I expected and lasted 16 minutes 45 seconds. A back and forth brawl that went through the crowd and isles. We got to see some pretty good action in this match and the announce team actually took some time away from the main event match up yet to come in order to call this match. At least somewhat. A crazy, engaging match to start the PPV that WWE doesn't present often. Winner with an RKO - Randy Orton. Kane got to look like a monster and Orton needed this win if the WWE expects to have a Lesnar vs. Orton match sometime this year. Match = ***

    Match #3
    Brodus Clay vs. Dolph Ziggler - What? A Filler Match originally not on the card.
    Clay wins this in the usual squash fashion at 4:17. I can't believe that WWE is discrediting it's best young stars like this. (Speaking of Ziggler of course). Horrible booking and an equally horrible match as it seems that anyone Clay "falls" on is unable to get much offense in. Cole states that this is Clay's first PPV and PPV win. Tell me he did not just say that!! Didn't we see Clay squash McIntyre at the Royal Rumble? Match = *

    Match #4
    IC Title Tables Match - Big Show vs. Cody Rhodes
    What a stipulation to have here. It was very unlikely that Cody was going to pick up the Big Slow and put him through a table, so Show had to win right? Wrong, it seems that in today's table matches if a wrestler puts himself through a table it still counts. Winner @ 4:37 and New IC Champ - Cody Rhodes. Wow, just wow!! Even if Show got in the last lick, he still lost by stepping trough a table. How dumb was that? Personally I would have went with a strap match as Big Show could have dominated and Cody could still have won by outsmarting Big Show. Match = **

    Match #5
    WHC Title - 2 of 3 Falls Match - Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus
    After his 18 second loss to Sheamus @ WM 28, Daniel Bryan really needed a good showing in this match to stay in the main event picture. And did these two really put on a show. My hat's off to both competitors in this match. Surprisingly good booking her by the WWE, and it was very well executed also. The first fall went to Sheamus by DQ @ 14:30, the second fall went to Bryan @ 16:40 by submission, and the third and final fall went to Sheamus by way of pinfall @ 22:55. Real good back and forth match between these two. Both looked strong and credible whether by win or loss. A lot better than expected and I was at full attention throughout this match. Match = ****

    Match #6
    Handicap Match - Ryback vs. Aaron Relic and Jay Hatton. Who?!!!
    Are you kidding me? We follow up the previous awesome match with a no account filler that ends with a winning Ryback @ 1:41. This type of booking needs a giant face palm or falcon punch!! Match = * And it's lucky that it scored even that!

    Match #7
    WWE Title - Chicago Street Fight - CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho
    What a co-main event!! I'm just about speechless about this match as it was down-right awesome. Much back and forth building off of WM 28, the TV buildup, Jericho's heel persona, and Punk's resiliency and desire to win. Both participants took it to the next level by setting the bar at what PPV matches should be. Take note WWE, this is how to build up credibility and prestige to the gold!! Winner by GTS CM Punk @ 25:15. Match = ****1/2 (I almost gave it a 5 star rating).

    Match #8
    Divas Title Match - Nikki Bella vs. Mystery Opponent (Layla Returns)
    Other than the fact that Layla returned to capture the Divas Title, I'm starting to feel like a bleeping Yo-Yo here WWE. What's the deal? We have a low match - good match - low match - good match - etc... Up - down, up - down, up - down, and unless your having sex this type of motion can get a person sick. A fast match going just 2:45 with a New Divas Champ - Layla. Match = *1/2

    Match #9
    Extreme Rules Match/Main Event - Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena
    This was the match up that most wrestling fans were looking forward to, and boy did it deliver by living up to the hype. Lesnar was a bit stiff and seemed to have trouble accepting this match as a pro-wrestling match instead of a MMA match for the UFC. He quickly set to work on Cena by legitimately busting him open with punches and elbows to a grounded opponent. Holy Crap!! Is WWE bringing back blood? Is this the end of PG as we know it? I don't know but the medics at ringside checking on Cena sure looked worried. Maybe someone should remind Brock that pro-wrestling matches are supposed to be scripted to only look real and not to necessarily be real. Cena got his butt handed to him throughout the whole match as Lesnar dominated everything that happened here. Can you say "Boots to Asses"? I wonder if Rock was watching and if he even wants to return now? Got to give Cena props for not tapping out to that nasty looking kamura Lesnar had him in. Eventually we got to see Cena mount some offense towards the end by busting Brock open with a chain and FU-ing him on the steel steps that were placed in the ring by Lesnar. Winner - Cena @ 17:43 Match = ****

    Well that's my ratings, you may or may not agree, but I stand by them. Overall I'd give Extreme Rules ***. WWE needs to stop this yo-yo effect in their PPVs. Not every PPV has to be great, nor does it have to be overloaded with awesome matches, but it would help if they had some better build up to their "filler" matches, and if they could get the announce team to call the matches instead of drawing viewers' attention away from the matches by talking about other subjects. And they wonder why their stock keeps falling!

    Feel free to comment, try to cut me some slack tho as I don't do this very often. (This probably should have been a blog, but I was unsure if it would fit in the 5000 character limit).

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