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Thread: Sacrifice 2012

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    Where's the chat?

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    WINNER- Angle

    Amazing match

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    1- Bobby Roode v RVD- World title/ladder match- predictable, but lots of close calls- B
    2. Kurt Angle v AJ Styles- the 2 always put on one Hell of a match- A
    3. Samoa Joe and Magnus v Daniels and Kazarian- TNA World Tag title- Seen the title change coming, great match hopefully Joe and Magnus stays a team-B
    4. Jeff Hardy v Mr Anderson- photo finish match- B
    5. Austin Aries v Bully Ray- 2 great preformers and might been the best match of the night-A
    6. Gail Kim v Brooke Tessmacher- TNA Knockout title- Brooke has came such a long ways but still have a long way to go...-B
    7. Devon v Robbie E and Robbie T- 2 on 1 handicap for TV title- a Devon win -C
    8. Crimson v Eric Young- have to feature the streak- C

    Overall Grade- B- Like many have said might been one of the best PPVs in TNA in recent months and this year alone.... it was booked prefect for the most part from my POV....
    We all judge others even if it isn't our place to judge, but supposedly at the end we are all judged by one!!!
    Wrestling, women and money who could ask for more???


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