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    Could NXT save the Tag Team Division?

    So hear me out on this..... We all know the Tag team division is week and could use some help and a issue I have is these tag teams that are two nobodys teamed together and thats it so what if we tried this......

    8 Tag Teams on a season of NXT each with a name matching ring attire and team moves. Pair them up with a mentor that has tag team championships under there belt and get at least 2 to 3 new tag teams in the WWE. The mentors could easily be the ones that have been there each week. Christion, Matt Hardy, Zach Ryder, Miz, Morrison, Jericho, Edge ( I would love to see both Edge & Christian at the same time as mentors), JTG, Cody Rhodes, I mean you have plent of them to choose from. Yeah not all the teams will work well together and they wont all get over but it would make the Division at least look like it means something and you could possible get 2-4 teams out of it with the winning team getting a Tag Team Title shot. Now not only do you have some new tag teams but you also have two next breakout stars instead of one and most of the best talent start out as a Tag Team.

    What do you guys think about this and do u think it would work?

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    If WWE would allow it. Tag Team wrestling needs to be back up.

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    I felt for a while that for NXT to continue it would need to open up a bit and do Tag Teams and even Diva's (even though I don't rate WWE Diva's)

    The problem is for them to have eight Tag Teams they would need to have Eight Tag Team's to nuture them, they wouldn't need them need them but in order to make it look as realistic as possible then I feel they would need eight teams as pros to go along with eight teams to fight it out

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    Well the only issue with that is that they dont have 8 tag teams in WWE lol and why would a tag team help another team move ahead of them on the food chain. Thats why I figured at least if you had Mentors that had tag team and tag team tilte expeirence it would work. I even think maybe a few of the teams should show up and not even have matching attire. Have the pro mould them in the way the see fit and give them new attire. Maybe even have the front runner coming in (ala Daniel Bryan on season 1) be a team that has "never teamed together before" and have the pro help shape them into the team they become. Also this could do wonders for someone that is on the brink of getting a big time heel push and the team they are mentored with could form some kind of faction with them.

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    I've thought about this idea too, and I would be all for it, and I can see WWE doing it in the future. The only problem is, nobody knows yet which channel NXT will be on after the 3rd season. It's currently on SyFi but Smackdown is taking it's slot there in the Autumn, and a new home for NXT is still not confirmed. I'm sure WWE will push to find someone to take the show on board, and if so, many seasons will follow, and a tag team teamed NXT is definitely on the cards as well as a divas NXT IMO.
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    They need to do something because if anyone has been watching what TNA have been doing over there. Their tag-team division is brilliant. The teams really put in effort and can see that they want to be champions. If WWE could emulate this, then WWE would be ok.

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    I don't see why not. They might to juggle them around before finalizing the teams but i think it could happen.

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    Edge and Chris Jericho could save the Tag Team division.

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    I'd really not want to see Edge and Jericho as the champs again, I thought Jericho was brilliant last year but at the end of the day it was just two singles guys with the belts, when Jericho fell out of the Tag Team picture the same problems where there as they've always been, it was the exact same with the IC Title, when Jericho was involved it looked credible, after he got out of the picture it was back to meaningless

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    nxt could save it they have been doing it on the house shows recently up untill skip broke his ankle i think but he would be better on his own anyway. last year the tag division i thought was goin on the up thanks to unifying them and jericho and show winning them and putting them back in the picture but since the hart dynasty has won them they havent appered on tv much apart fom the odd nexus attack and appearing with bret nxt can the guys that dont win can form tag teams etc i think it might help


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