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    Bring CRYME TYME BACK!!!

    This little topic came to me after watching the JTG vs Dolph Ziggler match on smackdown. Why doesn't WWE bring Cryme Tyme back?? Both Shad (I think) AND JTG are still with the WWE. With the lackluster tag team division they have, you would think WWE bookers would be smart to bring them back together instead of just using one or the other as jobbers. How's about you bring them back to bring some flavor back into your division?

    Lets be real. JTG has not done a damn thing since he became a singles wrestler and honestly I don't see him going anywhere above midcards in his entire career. He'd be lucky to hold a championship once, but it'd probably be for a short time. And Shad has not been seen on TV ever since he went heel against JTG and got sent back down to FCW to help work on his gimmick. I, for one, thought it was completely stupid to break them up in the first place. They were such an awesome tag team and very entertaining to watch. I couldn't get enough of their 'gangsta' antics. They were SO over with the fans too. But I guess WWE just couldn't figure out what to do with them and just disbanded them .... like they are getting ready to do with the Harts. So stupid.

    IMO, they should totally bring them back. They can do like this storyline where Shad regrets the things he has done to JTG and they can do a storyline throughout the month where Shad tries to win back his trust, which he eventually does. Something along those lines. I think both wrestlers will get over more as a tag team than as individuals, anyways. MONEY MONEY! YEAH YEAH!

    What do you guys think?
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