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    **Possible Spoiler** - AGAIN?!

    Put spoiler in the title just in case, even tho i'm not really divulging in top secret information, i'm just using a very small snippet from the show to base an opinion and form a question.

    During the verbal exchange between Fuckhauser and Punk: Punk stated that after he defeated Bryan, he would WATCH Ace get his ass kicked by Cena.

    I'm gonna let that digest for a second.



    Yeah, chew back the chunks.


    SO! Most of us were right in our assumptions that YES, we will be watching Cena headline YET another PPV, while the WWE Champion, and his title defense take a backseat. You know, Rock/Cena? I got it. Made sense. Cena/Lesnar? I.... made myself understand that it probably made sense. But Cena vs. Johnny fk'n Ace? I just.... UGH!

    So, just keep in the back of your mind, that after you see what will probably be a pretty good fatal four way, and after you watch the clinic that Bryan/Punk will provide.... You get to watch Mr. Crusher get his shit pushed in by John Cena. Awesome.

    Well, I guess i'll go ahead and throw in my WM 29 prediction, HERE:


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