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    Worst decision ever!

    Splitting Cryme Tyme!

    WHY!WHY!WHY! Do that?

    You had a tag team that you could have built a whole NEW tag team division around, these guys were OVER! People went nuts when they came out, this is a tag team that comes around in the WWE Far to few nowadays, a tag team that is actually OVER. All they usually do is throw up random combinations but Cryme Tyme were great together as a tag team.

    Since their split...JTG jobs and Shad has disspeared, if it's because Shad had a kid or just taken off TV, I'm not sure. But the split didn't help neither, it didn't push neither...WHY was it done? Now we have Curt Hawkins and Vance Archer, The Usos 2 tag teams that I really don't give a stuff about, to try and be the next number 1 contenders? Cryme Tyme should be.

    Oh and now they make a comedy tag team of Santino and Kozlov to try and get over...That shows how much the WWE takes tag team wrestling seriously.

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    Wow. I don't know how bad tap delay is were you are from, but this happened months ago.

    I agree the WWE is lacking in the tag team division, but the only thing Cryme Tyme was good at was holding young teams like the Hart Dynasty back. The WWE needs tag teams, but Cryme Tyme had their time...

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    theres a few for wcw well the worst was giving david arquette the WORLD title to me that just said fuckit we are going down the pan anyway

    i would say go to pg but then again it had to go that way for sponsors but getting out of pg will make better wrestling

    getting rid or splitting up real good tag teams cryme tyme should have one it when they wehre hot in 06 and 07 same with the highlanders i thought istead of the fuckin spirit squad :S

    there is probs more i could say but to many to remember just now lol

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    Splitting up Cryme Tyme was a bad move. But WWE are trying to re-build the tag division. Hawkins and Archer are good, and the Usos are ok (they were hyped up to be better than they turned out though). WWE have The Dudebusters (who are underrated) and The hart Dynasty, and many other stars on the roster have potential to form tag teams. Zack Ryder is a former tag champ, Chavo Guerrero is a former tag champ, Matt Hardy, Christian, John Morrison, Goldust and Regal are former tag champs. WWE have the potential to have a decent tag team division, they just aren't realising it...
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    Worst decision: Having Hornswoggle to win the cruiserweight title.

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    As far as bad decisions in the WWE go splitting CrymeTyme up wouldn't even make the top 100, sure both of them should have stayed but there have been far greater injustices to happen in the land of the scripted than that

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    worse decison was turning pg and letting go bobby lashley

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    I wouldn't call turning PG the worst decision ever, some of the best Monday Night RAW's have been PG, the entire 1997 and 1998 ring a bell

    Do you really think Bobby Lashley would have made much of a difference? having seen him in TNA I think losing Mr Kennedy was a bigger deal

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    Worst decision was having Nexus lose at Summerslam.

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    worst decision- Continuing with the damn guest host thing for so long- there were times I would not watch Raw for weeks because of it. Another bad decison is not letting some second or third generation stars be themselves- wwe should have let the average viewers know who their wrestling families are and not give them stupid ass names. - such as Henning, Rutondo, the Usos, the womam with the Usos, Sim Snuka(well they did with him just a little too late), Ray Gordy....etc.


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