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    New "mistico" on the block..

    hi everyone, this time i would like to share that cmll has a new MISTICO , this means that fray tormenta has given the name, mask and gimmick of mistico to another wrestler, dragon lee.

    i have a couple of questions to you:

    1.- Do you think its ok to have another person do a gimmick?? i know its done a LOT in Mexico but personally i think its a lack of respect and almost everytime it doesnt have the same amount of success as its predecesor.

    2.- What do you think of dragon lee?? is he good enough to be mistico??

    3.- and the reason why i put this in wwe topics: who do you think its better: sin cara or new mistico?? do you think new mistico could cut it in the wwe???

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    ok then, its better suited in international wrestling


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