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    Thumbs down The Bad Hair Brigade

    Wrestling has a long history with bad hair, specifically the mullet. Mike Awesome had an um,....awesome one; MikeAwesome.jpg
    so too did Davey Boy Smith, sporting the ever popular braided variety; britishbulldog.jpg
    One of the most tragic of all is the 'accidental' mullet, where going bald is no reason to cut your hair(seemingly) as evidenced here by Michael 'Purely Shit' Hayes; hayes.JPG

    But the very worst however goes to that aging hack of a wrestler who can't let go of the 15 minutes he spent in the limelight, nor can he let go the decade in which it occured, ladies and gents, I give you Ricky 'I didn't age well' Morton of the Child Neglecting Express; ricky_morton.jpg


    Who were some of your faves?

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