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    The right question is if they can turn it around?

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    It's not about RVD deserving the title shot it's about Roode needing a win over someone like an RVD to keep ball the rolling and add to the credibility of Roodes reign.

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    I gotta say TNA/Impact is struggling in places and making small strives here and there....

    One place is keeping the fans attention.... Most of the time their story's are written out like a Tv mini-series or long never ending novel... Fans don't always like that esp when it don't need to happen all the time....Some of us have short attention spans...
    Another thing, TNA has a great show, but the ratings don't always show.... Which kinda throw off the fans... It just the WWE Raw can have a lack-luster show but the ratings at one or two or 3 spots saves it...

    Also looking at the things TNA is doing right, right now with Open Fight Night, the TV title, AJ Styles and Daniels, Abyss/Joesph Park and Bully Ray, and Roode and Storm.... All is great ideas so far due to many factors....

    I think the big thing is the Live feeling is missing!!
    We all judge others even if it isn't our place to judge, but supposedly at the end we are all judged by one!!!
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    I stopped watching iMPACT! on its scheduled showing. I just DVR it then watch it later on. I usually fast forward to segments with the younger guys (minus Garrett Bitchoff). I'm surprised that the last show I watched the entire show was almost taken over by guys who are not able to go in the ring the proper way. The ring, microphone, and screen time is for the Wrestlers. Simple as that.
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