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    Y would it b tommy dreammer immortal is mad because dixie brought them in. So that leaves rvd foley or even kendrick

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    Who cares it doesn't invovle Orton.

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    i would love fo it to be raven and have him a the mouth piece for hardy and abyss. use him more as a manager than a wrestler. they need to break away from hogan flair and jarrett and become there own group. immotal has way to many in the group.

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    Hello tub-a-holics, please allow me to offer you a tubful of knowledge. The one to watch for is Kendrick.

    U NEED A BATH??!!

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    You know what my theory is, there is no mole in EV2.0. Think about it, who told RVD about the mole? Eric Bishoff who lied to Dixie Carter to steal a company. You would think RVD would think twice before believing a guy known for LYING!


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