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Thread: Production Swap

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    Taking impact on the road would help in the long term. It would not boost ratings short term. It seems that they are more interested in the short nickle instead of investing in the long dollar. They might even lose money for awhile but taking your product to the fans and making them apart of impact in the long term could help grow the product. House shows are one thing but letting fans be apart tv show would help. Allot of fan boys and people that used to watch wrestling ect to people that don't even watch it on tv would go 'check it out" and if they play to live crowd as well as the tv show. IMO this would help the grow the product. They also need to really work on there marketing. That might be another matter but it is why tna really encourages the roster to get into, tv, music video's, bands movies ect.

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    If they need to start small, then maybe they could do 4 to 6 ppv's a year on the rd and say maybe about 10 impacts on the rd. Perhaps some of the orlando based impacts could be done live

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    I going say one word and one word only what TNA/Impact needs to do..... LIVE
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    Quote Originally Posted by HCollins-TNA1 View Post
    I going say one word and one word only what TNA/Impact needs to do..... LIVE
    Agreed to a point, but what do you do if you get a dead crowd during a live event (i.e. Lockdown). Do you think airing a live show at the Impact Zone will get enough out of the crowd to justify having them all be live?


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