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    what makes a babyface?

    hi all

    having read a few of the recent threads on babyfaces and heels, I began to ponder: what makes the archetypal babyface?

    is it simply being the good guy?

    do you have to be a crowd pleaser?

    are there some face turns that never worked?

    who was the best babyface character?

    can you remain a babyface for your entire career?

    in the 80s Hogan was obviously the babyface of the WWE and wrestling as a whole. He was cheered no matter where he went, with his in ring persona and attitude all planned out to make him the good guy. of course he was heavily pushed by vince mcmahon, having originally been a heel.

    then there was the american dream dusty rhodes, a man who i believe was a face his entire career, and an over one. is he the best ever face/ most over face?

    warrior was huge for a few years and he would probably have been the guy for ten years had he not been a tool.

    in the attitude era the face heel line was blurred, with the anti hero austin an over heel and face.

    triple h never worked well as a face in my opinion, but yet he is very over.

    we all know how cena is reacted to, but thats because he is hogan all over again in an era where that wont work....

    orton is hugely over as a face, yet his persona is more tweener...

    i guess its down to the era that the face operates in, but i do believe that some would have transcended eras...

    for me it was hogan and dusty, later the warrior

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    Decent post but you're going to get slammed for your punctuation brother.

    OT: Rick Steamboat was a face his entire career. Dusty started as a heel.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robstar View Post
    Decent post but you're going to get slammed for your punctuation brother.

    OT: Rick Steamboat was a face his entire career. Dusty started as a heel.
    yeah sorry i got mixed up there... I know Dusty was hugely over though, as was Ricky...

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    Ricky and tito santana are about the only two guys worked face their entire careers that modern fans would know. It was a lot easier to be a face in the kayfabe days before the curtain was lifted to the business. Now to build a face, the face has to be entertaining or a bad ass. nobody wants to root for truth, justice and the american way anymore.
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    It is very hard to stay face your entire career. All I can think of is Tito and Ricky. I mean hell, even Colin Delaney had a heel turn!


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