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    "I now own... WCW!"

    This is starting from Shane McMahon's line of "I now own, WCW". Keep it mind, this is a fantasy, so things will def play out differently that normal. Let's get started!!

    Shane: I now own, WCW!!

    the crowd goes absolutely nuts as the announcement is made of Shane McMahon being the new owner of World Championship Wrestling! All of a sudden, the lights go down, and there is silence in Panama City Beach, Fl.

    ***nWo*** blasts through the speakers!!! Scott Hall and Kevin Nash walk down through the crowd, over the rail, and into the ring. Hall and Nash go on the attack, beating Shane down into the corner, stomping him down to the mat. Nash lifts Shane up, only to drop him again back down to the mat. Sting sprints down the aisle, but is met with boots as he slides into the ring! Nash and Hall put the boots to Sting and Shane McMahon! Nash lifts sting up, and plants him with a Jacknife power bomb! Ric Flair runs down to the ring, but once again, no offense as he is taken to the corner by Scott Hall. Nash takes Shane to the outside, delivering a big boot to the side of the head. Followed by, going head first into the ring post. Nash climbs back into the ring as Booker T sprints down the aisle! He grabs Nash's feet and pulls him to the outside as Hall plants Flair with the Outsiders Edge! He lifts Sting up, and plants him with the Edge as well! He goes outside and nails Booker from behind as the Outsiders take control. Nash lifts him up, and drops him with a huge Jacknife through the announce table! Hall and Nash get a mic and go to the ring.

    Nash: Anybody else? Who else wants some? Huh?

    Hall: 5 years ago, I told you. You wanted a war? You were gonna get one. Well guess what? You got it and you lost it! 5 years later, and look who's running the show? You think WCW is coming back, huh? We don't think so!

    Hall drops the mic as Hall and Nash hold up the wolfpac sign. Show changes to raw, where Vince McMahon smiles and also throws up the Wolfpac Sign to end both Raw and Nitro.

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    UPDATE: With Scott Hall and Kevin Nash leaving 3 of the top stars in WCW out cold, along with Shane McMahon, the fate of World Championship Wrestling still remains unknown.

    Kevin Nash and Scott Hall both have special contracts with AOL/Time Warner, therefore they cannot be fired from WCW. But, with Vince McMahon pulling the strings of The Outsiders, how will Shane McMahon and the rest of WCW rise above? Look out for more announcements plus a statement directly from Shane McMahon.

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    Statement from Shane McMahon:
    "It is Indeed true that I am the new owner of World Championship Wrestling. I am not under the WWF Umbrella, and WCW will be back in action very soon! Before the purchase, WCW Superstars were all given a choice to come on board or go elsewhere with their careers. Some stayed, and some did not. Also, quite a few talents were under contract with AOL/Time Warner. Talents such as Ric Flair, Sting, Goldberg, and quite a few others. WCW is currently in the process of trying to acquire those contracts, therefore being able to relinquish all obligations to World Championship Wrestling and the wrestling business from AOL/Time Warner. Also, we are in negotiations with Spike TV trying to gain our Time slot back to once again give you the greatest wrestling on television! WCW is Alive! Stay tuned!"

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    In an update. WCW has hired Eric Bischoff as the new Vice President of WCW. Here is what Eric Bischoff had to say:

    "It's an honor, I must say. To be so close to purchasing this company myself, I am very grateful to still be a big part of this company and I promise that the team of Bischoff and Shane McMahon will NOT let you down."


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