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    RVD VS Mr Anderson VS Jeff Hardy

    I know this Impact happenend couple of weeks back but here in the UK I have only just been able to see it and comment on it. On the show their young up and coming GM Hulk Hogan (God i love sarcasm ) announced a main event pitting hardy RVD and Anderson in triple threat match. The winner would go on the face Booby Roode for the Championship at Sacrifice. This match had been hyped all evening and was one to look forward too in my view. I was looking forward to it especially after the let down that was AJ VS Kurt earlier on the show. This is a match that should only be on PPV as both of them are incredble workers and have had epics in the past. The match on Impact was too short and was only used to further the angle with AJ and Christopher Daniels. AJ should have faced someone else not Kurt Angle if all the segment was being used for is enhancing an Angle. So the Main Event comes along and in the blink of an eye its over. The match was, what 5 mins if that. A short match that could have been longer and better. Made worse because the guy that won it RVD was only put in it at last minute because Hogan felt sorry for him because he never got his rematch which people have stopped caring about ages ago. Do anyone else think Hogan and Bischoff and the rest behind the curtain are showing a complete lack of respect for talent by giving them short matches and pointless matches on their tapings. Also anyone want to get things off thier chest about the state of the TNA product feel free.


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