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    Gimmicks relived - comparable stars from then and now

    Today's Superstars and who they compare to.

    Cena - Hogan
    Morrison - Rick Rude
    Jericho - Mr. Perfect
    Khali - Giant Gonzales
    Santino - Disco Inferno
    Vladimir Kozlov (when he was serious) - Nikita Koloff

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    Jack Swagger - Kurt Angle (Sucessfull amateur wrestler with Anklelock submission, I am begining to warm to him)
    HHH - Randy Savage (Sleeping with daddys little girl)
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    i think Ziggler is more of a mr perfect than Jericho
    Swagger and Angle is obvious
    Ted Di-Biase is obviously becoming...Ted Di-Biase lol
    Morrison will eventually be moulded into a new HBK unfortunately, i'd rater see him become his own person
    I also think they're moulding Sheamus or possibly McIntyre to be a new version of HHH
    and i'm sure Cody Rhodes's new 'dashing' gimmick is based on someone form the 80's or 90's, can anyone find who it is?
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    I think rhodes is more of the rick rude

    "Dashing" Cody Rhodes - "Ravishing" Rick Rude

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    swagger - kurt angle
    cena - hogan
    orton - stone cold
    morrion - rick rude
    ziggler - mr perfect
    dibiase - his father lol

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    If you ask me Dashing Cody Rhodes and all of his vanity could easily become more of a Gorgeous George character. He's well on his way!!

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    Cena - Hogan (Overrated and crap)
    Orton - Stone Cold (He does not give a damn!)
    Morrison - HBK
    Drew McIntyre - Early Hunter Hearst Helmsley build/look
    Swagger - Angle (Amateurs, attire & ankle lock)
    MVP - Booker T (Convicts)
    Dibiase Jnr - Dibiase Snr
    Dolph Ziggler - Mr Perfect
    Sheamus - HHH (beard?!)
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    Sting-AJ Styles (the best of his time)
    Dibiase Jr.-Dibiase Sr.
    Dolph Ziggler-Mr. Perfect

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    Then who would chris jericho be then?

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    I can't agree with the John Morrison/Rick Rude comparison, sure, both of them had the best Abs of their generation but thats about as far as it goes for Morrison, Rick Rude had absolutely everything, brilliant Wrestler, tons of Charisma, awesome on the mic, could work heel/face perfectly and could work as a double act or on his own.

    John Morrison can do flips, can't talk, has little charisma, isn't the best wrestler and only really looks over with the crowd when he is playing partner to someone


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