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    Biggest swerve or suprise you can remember???

    From all the years I have been watching wrestling, there have been some big eye-openers. It can be someone turning heal or turning face, the suprising end to a match, a suprise debut or just something right out of left field. So my question is this, what were the biggest swerve or suprise you can remember??

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    Andre turning on Hogan would have to be up there. Seeing Flair for the first time in WWF, with the WHC belt.

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    Tatanka turning heel???? I jest.

    1-2-3 Kid beating Razor on Raw was a shocker back in the day.

    Luger turning up on the first episode of Nitro is one I will remember.

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    Sid Justice turning on Hogan maybe?

    More recent... Nexus forming from a group of rookies, and proving to be very entertaining and believable while competing with the vets.

    Hogan being the third member of the NWO. But only after the confusion of why Razor Ramon and Diesal were on Nitro in the first place lol. Good times.

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    1. The Rock selling out to Vince McMahon
    2. Stephanie "accidentally" marrying Triple H
    3. Stephanie confessing to purposely marrying Triple H
    4. Stone Cold selling out to Vince McMahon, hugging him, and even teaming with Kurt Angle
    5. X-pac and Kane becoming a very successful tag team
    6. The Rock and Mankind becoming a very successful tag team
    7. Rikishi being the driver of the car that hit Stone Cold
    8. Stone Cold picking a car that Triple H was in with a fork lift and dropping it on its head
    9. The nWo putting The Rock in a car and then ramming it with a 16-wheeler
    10.Triple H faking seisures on Smackdown! after being bit by a rattle snake on Raw
    11. Booker T being forced to join the nWo by Ric Flair
    12. The racism storyline between Booker T and Evolution
    13. Kane actually demasking himself
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    Oh and the most recent:

    14. Triple H smashing down Randy Orton's front door with a sledge hammer, owning him in his own home, and throwing him out of the family room window!!!

    15. Jeff Jarrett smashing guitars over the head and figure fouring Moola, Mae Young, and Lillian Garcia

    16. 3 Minute Warning splashing and body slamming Moola and Mae Young. They were even about to trash Freddie Blasie on Raw a week before he died!!!

    17. Turning the Matt Hardy/Lita/Edge love triangle into an actual storyline.
    The IWC is to TNA what the Republicans are to Obama: No matter how much good they soon as they're shown to be less than perfect, the other claims that they just can't get anything right.

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    I'm not sure if this counts because it wasn't a storyline but when they canceled a live raw in order to do a tribute show for Chris Benoit that surprised the hell out of me
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    Rick Rude showing up on Nitro and Raw the same night.

    Ruggy, I'm dissapointed this isn't coming from you.

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    Cheers mate,

    I suppose Michaels putting Jannetty's head threw the Barbers Shop window counts.

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    When Shawn Michaels turned on Marty Janetty in the Barbershop.

    It wasn't completely unexpected as they'd been building the tension between them, but I feel that's what made it the best heel turn I've ever witnessed. What's more, it was the start of Michaels' new character and his climb to the top. Everyone talks about Hogan's heel turn when he joined NWO, yet I always felt it was too scripted and not very exciting. Shawn, however, was brutal...and unlike the usual "let's keep it a secret til the last minute" heel turns, the motives were there and it all made perfect sense!


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