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Thread: RTE Show Thread

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    Frank Canyon - This match is a Hardcore Match and is a Quarter Finals Match in the TCW World Championship Tournamnet!. On his way to the ring at this time, weighing in at 235 pounds, from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, The Unnatural Disaster Richard Storm!!!

    [Richard Storm comes to the ring with a microphone in hand. The fans are booing crazy loud over his actions at the last show. He raises the mic to speak.]

    Storm: You all will shut up when I speak! I am the most important person in the back, and deserve all of your respect. You will all show it by shutting your mouths right now!

    [This just makes the fans to be boo even more. Storm just smirks.]

    Storm: Whatever, you all have to listen to me anyways. See, tonight, I face Artemis Eclipse, and when I win...not if but when I win, I advance in this tournament. Then, I'll only be two more matches away from becoming the TCW World Champion. That means, all of you fans have three more matches to bide by until you finally get a champion to be proud of, before you have a champion you can brag about. See, when I call myself the UnNatural Disaster, it is for a simple reason. I walk out to this ring, and do things people have never even thought of. I wow each and every one of you night in and night out. That is the unnatural part, because the natural part of everyone in the back is to be dull as snails. Take Artemis for example. You fans should be chanting boring during his matches. Maybe that would make him realize he just doesn't suck in the ring, he sucks at life. Hell, you should be doing that for every match that I am not in! I am the WOW factor. When i step in this ring, from bell to bell you fans should be chanting This Is Awesome, and Holy Shit each time I nail a perfect move.

    Why I refer to myself as a disaster, is simple. I don't conform to what YOU want. I don't conform to the goody two shoes that are in the back. I do my own thing, my own way, on my own time. When i was younger, I had a lot of responsibilities thrust upon me, and do you know what I did with them? I dropped them like they were hot because I only do what I WANT TO DO! So, from there on out I was called wicked, evil, a disaster, and if you can't tell, the name stuck. So while I may do things my own way, in my own time, I know each and everyone of you here and at home looks at me as if I am a disaster, as if I am some wicked person. The truth is, I am what you all wish to be, but let society prevent you from being. I am the UnNatural Disaster, I am the best thing since sliced bread, and I am going to be the new TCW World Champion. Now Artemis, get your ass out here so I can show you what it's like to be struck down by a storm!

    [Richard Storm throws down the mic, as he hypes himself up in the ring awaiting for Artemis ]

    Frank Canyon - and his opponent, weighing in at 197 pounds, from Boston, Massachusetts, The Homicidal Highflyer Artemis Eclipse!!!

    [The lights begin to flicker wildly with the sounds of Artemis's theme song. After a few moments, he bursts through the entrance and makes his way to the stage. He walks down looking at everyone and speeds up towards the ring. He slides in and stands in the middle of the ring with his arms out ]

    [They lockup top start. Artemis Eclipse sends The Unnatural Disaster to the corner of the ring. Richard Storm grabs the Artemis Eclipse and picks up his leg and delivers a capture suplex, Storm hits Artemis Eclipse with an elbowdrop to the chest. Artemis Eclipse gets back to his feet, cautiously. Artemis Eclipse attempt to picks up Storm for a Tiger Suplex on the mat but Storm counters and lifts Eclipse up for a suplex, but Eclipse is quick to counter as he knees Storm's face and hits a huge facebuster. Eclipse jumps off the second rope and hits Storm with a monsterous Lionsault, taking the wind out of Storm ]

    Gregory Titus - Are you enjoying this match?

    Michael Jax - Oh yeah! These two know how deliver a great match!

    [Artemis Eclipse uses a standing moonsault on Storm. Artemis Eclipse puts Richard Storm in the hangman submission. Adam Koel asks Richard Storm if he quits. ... (AHHHH!) ... (AHHHH!) Richard Storm screams out a bit but manages to escape. The Homicidal Highflyer hits a jumping clothesline on The Unnatural Disaster. The Homicidal Highflyer lifts Storm and and sends him to the corner of the ring. Eclipse runs at the corner but Storm quickly moves out of the way sending Artemis face first into the corner. Richard Storm grabs the The Homicidal Highflyer and plants him face first with a Flatliner. Storm rolls out of the ring and garbs a kenod stick before heading back to the ring. Storm measures Eclipse and swing the kendo stick, but Eclipse is quick to counter with a jumping heel kick. ]

    Michael Jax - Good counter, a shot from that Kendo Stick would have been disastrous from Eclipse!

    Gregory Titus - That is skill, knowing when to move to avoid a dangerous shot like that

    [Eclipse grabs the Kendo Stick and begins striking Storm numerous times across the back, causing Strom to scream out loud. Strom moves around the ring waiting to see if Strom gets up, who does only to take a shot across the midsection before recieving a huge mule kick. Eclipse follows the brutal shot with swinging neckbreaker ]

    Michael Jax - Some huge shots!

    Gregory Titus - Yes sir! Storm will be feeling those kendo stick shots tomorrow!

    [ Artemis goes out of the ring and grabs a chair before heading back to the ring. Eclipse measures Storm and swings the chair, Storm counters this time with a kick downstairs before hitting Eclipse with the Jackhammer ]

    Michael Jax - Jackhammer! You know what's next!

    Gregory Titus - Looks like it's time for an Natural Disaster!

    [Storm signals for the end. He measures Eclipse for the Natural Disaster, lifting him up. Eclipse quickly realizes he's in trouble and manages to counter pushing Storm, who gets hit with a Spear from Krystian Krysys who shows up out of no where!]

    Gregory Titus - What the hell is he doing here?

    Michael Jax - Looks like he wants to finish what Storm started at TCW 1!

    Gregory Titus - He just cost Storm the match!!!

    [Eclipse and Krysys look at one another and Krysys can be heard saying this isn't about you before leaving the ring. Storm begins to move, trying to catch his breath. Eclipse garbs the chair and strikes Strom across the face. Eclipse look to the top ropes and grins. Eclipse takes the chair to the top and hits a HUGE moonsault landing chair first across the midsection of Storm, Adam Koel counts the pin. ...1 ...2 ...3 ]

    Gregory Titus - Artemis Eclipse has won the match! No thanks to Krysys!

    Michale Jax - All's fair in love and war!

    Frank Canyon - The winner of this match, The Homicidal Highflyer Artemis Eclipse!!!

    [ Eclipse quickly leaves the ring, knowing he has a match later in the evening. Storm is slowly getting up, grabbing his midsection. Krysys runs back to the ring and hits Storm again with a Spear, looking down at Richard he grins a bit.]

    Gregory Titus - Krysys is a mad man! What in the hell is he planning?

    Michael Jax - No idea, but Storm is out cold!

    [Krysys picks up Storm and sets his lifeless body on his shoulder, delivering a KrysysKore to Storm. Krysys asks for a mic.]

    Michael Jax - Looks like he's going to explain his actions.

    Krysys - Storm, 2 weeks ago at TCW 1 you decided to useo some under handed tactics in our match. So consider this me repaying the favor. However this is only a taste of what to expect. You see I'm one of those people who holds a grudge. I remember every little thing that happens. So this isn't something I'm going to let pass. You made an enemy out of me. That wasn't smart, and soon you will know why.

    [Krysys slams the mic on to Storm's chest as we head to commercial]

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    [Footage from earlier is shown with Luke Turne in the ring]

    LT: Hello TCW. As you know, I am Luke Turne, and I am here for all of you. In TCW, as of now, there are no champions. As of now in TCW, a wrestler is no more proven than the man that goes before him. And in TCW, is the place, where LT Luke Turne, will make his name. I can defeat everyone in my way, whether its Batman, or some twat of Glee. I'm here and ready, so TCW Roster, feel free to come at me bro's

    Michael Jax - Cash Jennings also had some stuff to say to the crowd during the break!

    "Cowboy" Cash Jennings: Listen people. Come on now. (Crowd is crazy with boos) Shut your stupid mouths! There, that's better. When I speak you people are to listen up & show me some respect. That's right, I said respect! Whether you like me or not you will respect me. I am after all gonna be your first champion here in TCW. (A fan at ringside yells, "You've got to give respect to receive it!")

    Is that right? (Leaning on the ropes & pointing at the fan) Listen to me fatboy, there's a reason I'm in here & you're out there. Now I don't respect you because you're worthless. You don't respect me because it's cool to hate the bad guy & that's stupid! If you don't like what I've got to say, hop over the barricade & we'll settle this. (The fan looks embarassed) No? Alright, well shut up then!

    Now onto what I came out here for. Let's talk a little about this championship tournament. Of course, I embarrased my opponents like I've always done. I can pretty much wrestle circles around EVERYBODY in this company. I'm honestly tired of having my skills insulted by wrestling little worthless pricks. That's okay though, each match gets me one step closer to MY title. Shoot I love kicking people's heads off their shoulders so this is all fun for me. I'll take on anybody in that locker room anytime because I'm just that good. Maybe I'm arrogant but that's too bad for yall. It don't bother me a bit.

    To be honest, I don't even know who my opponent for tonight is. That's just how forgettable these idiots around here are. Regardless I'm ready to get this over with. Five minutes should give them time for an entrance, our match, & my celebration. Let's get this show on the road & get me closer to my championship!

    [Both Jennings and Turne are backstage, oddly enough they choose the parking lot to start this match off]

    Michael Jax - I never like these Brawls. They don't end well for anyone!

    Gregory Titus - Quit being a baby! If they want to win the title they need to prove they deserve it!

    [Turne starts things off quickly with a crossbody taking Jenning down to the ground. Jenning groans after hitting the hard concrete Turne looks around and finds a tire iron and things are about to get extreme! Jennings quickly reacts to Turne and hits a big boot. Jennings grabs the tire iron and begins striking Turne repeatedly. Jennings tosses the tire iron to the ground and drags Turne over to a limo parked near the crew trucks ]

    Michael Jax - Oh boy, that Limo belongs to Mr.Sheehan!

    Gregory Titus - His fault for making this a brawl

    [Jennings lifts Turne up and bodyslams him on to the hood of the limo, denting it in the process. Cameras pan to Marik's office and he looks on in horror ]

    Marik - My Limo!!

    [ Jennings get on the hood with Tunre and lifts him up hitting a devastating powerbomb send Turne through the glass and into the car. Jenning climbs down and open the door to the car, he grabs Turne by the leg and pulls it out juts enough where it's hanging out a bit. Jennings grabs the car door and rams it shut on Turne leg, causing Turne to let out a blood curdling scream.]

    Michael Jax - Luke Turne might have a broken leg!

    Gregory Titus - That was brutal! Even for me!

    [Jennings pulls Turne out of the car by his injured leg sending him to the ground. Jennings goes to the roof and jumps off hitting a elbowdrop to the chest of Turne. Jennings grins knowing he is in complete control of the match Jennings grabs Turne and places him on him shoulder before ramming him into a production truck several times. Jennings quickly follows up with a huge powerslam. Jennings goes for the pin. Daniel Reed counts the pin. ...1 ...2 Turne kicks out just barely much to the annoyance of Jennings who slams Turne's head against the ground covering him again. ...1 ...Turne kicks out just after 1. Cash grabs Tunre by the injured leg and applies a leglock causing him him to scream out in pain. Daniel Reed checks on Turne who refuses to tap. Jennings breaks the hold, but not before slamming Turne's leg to the ground. Jennings grabs Turne drives him backfirst into the production truck before hitting a huge Spinebuster.]

    Gregory Titus - Spinebuster! Jennings has been in control from the beginning!

    Michael Jax - This match needs to end soon before Turne suffer any serious injuries!

    [Jennings grabs Turne and goes for the Cash Out but Turne manages to avoid to and hits a German Suplex sending Jennings neck first to the hard concrete! Turne climbs the ladder of the production truck, before falling back on the roof, trying to catch his breath. Jennings gets back up and looks around wondering where Turne is, The ref points to the top of the production truck and Jennings gets a bit annoyed]

    Michael Jax - Smart move by Turne climbing up there, he now gets a chance to catch his breath and has the perfect opportunity to get the upper hand if Jennings comes up there!

    Gregory Titus - A bit cowardish if you ask me, he knows he can't be Cash so he is just biding his time until Jennings knocks him out cold and wins this match!

    Michael Jax - Seriously? He is just being smart! His leg might be seriously injured so he is doing the smart thing and resting!

    [ Jennings slowly climbs the ladder up to the production truck and makes his way up to the top only to be attacked by Turne who pulls him up and hits a suplex on the hard metal of the truck, which begins to disturb the live feed. ]

    Gregory Titus - If these idiots aren't careful they will knock out the power to production truck and we'll go off the air!

    Michael Jax - Agreed, they need to get off the truck now!

    [Tunre picks up Cowboy who gouges his eye and drives a forearm into Turne. Cash picks up Luke and executes the cradle DDT. Cowboy puts Luke Turne in a reverse chin lock. Daniel Reed who has climbed up the truck, asks Luke Turne if he quits. ... Luke Turne is fighting the hold. ... Jennings breaks the hold. Jennings lifts Turne up and delivers a huge backbreaker. Jennings begins trashing Tunre and Reed as well. Jennings begins stomping his foot on the ground waiting for Tunre to get up. Turne slowly raise as Jennings goes for the Cash Out, but again Turne counters, turning Jennings around and hitting the Luke Jawbreaker! Jennings falls backwards off the production truck.]

    Michael Jax - My god! The fall may have just killed him!

    Gregory Titus - Cash is not moving!

    [Daniel Reed quickly moves to the ground to check on Jennings, Turne looks around and shrugs before jumping off and hitting a huge Tunre Drop! Before going for the pin. Daniel Reed counts the pin ...1 ...2 ...3!]

    Gregory Titus - Turne actually won!

    Michael Jax - That was amazing! What a match!

    [Daniel Reed raises Turnes arm as medics come to check on both men as we go to commercial]

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    Frank Canyon - This match is a Table Match and is a Semi Finals Match in the TCW World Championship Tournament. On his way to the ring at this time, weighing in at 216 pounds, from Vanity City, England, Van Hooligan X!!!

    Michael Jax - After his Falls Count Anywhere Match, one has ro wonder how the hell Van is standing!

    Gregory Titus - That match was brutal to say the least. But Van is a Champion, and a Champion always competes!

    Frank Canyon - and his opponent, weighing in at 274 pounds, from Moscow, Russia, Uri Novikov!!!

    Michael Jax - This man is a dangerous man to say the least, he barely broke a sweat in his match earlier tonight.

    Gregory Titus - And that was a First Blood Match! Imagine him in this type of match!

    [Uri Novikov walks to the ring. Adam Koel is the referee for this contest. Van Hoolgan X performs an armdrag on Uri Novikov sending him to the mat to start the match. Van gets nailed with a charging axhandle bodyblock from Novikov. Van Hoolgan X quickly gets up and nails Uri Novikov with a belly-to-back suplex much to the surprise of the crowd. Uri Novikov gets up who is a bit surprised as well. Van charges at Uri, who connects with a monsterous Big boot damn near taking Van's head off. Uri Novikov grabs Van Hoolgan X from behind and applies a half-nelson suplex is up again. ]

    Gregory Titus - Uri Novikov is a beast of a man!

    [Novikov heads out of the ring to grab a table but Van is quick to hit a baseball slide driving the table into Novikov, sending him to the ground. Van looks around and quickly grabs the ring bell and strikes Uri across the back. Van takes a step back before running towards Uri striking him across the face sending Uri to the ground and splitting him wide open. Van goes and applies The Vantastic Clutch, even though their are no Tap Outs. ]

    Michael Jax - Van is smart, he knows the only way to win is to put your opponent through a table, but the submission will weaken Uri.

    Gregory Titus - That is why he is the Champ in A-Rev!

    [Van breaks the hold and gets Novikov back up, driving him spine first into the ring numerous times. He attempts to do it again but is countered by Uri who manages to hit Van with Spinebuster onto the outside. Uri grabs the table and set it up near the corner on the outside. He turns around and gets a crossbody from Van, who is carrying a chair which hits Uri across the face. Van begins to repeatedly strike Uri in the midsection with the chair.]

    Gregory Titus - Chair shots from the future champ!

    Michael Jax - I am surprised! Van is taking it to Uri! Something we hadn't seen!

    Gregory Titus - How can you be surprised Van is used to destroying bigger guys!

    [Van lifts Uri up and shoves him to the table. Uri pushes Van back who runs towards him only to get hit with another Spinebuster! Uri grabs another table and set it up on top of the one he had previously set up before dragging VHX into the ring. Uri lifts VHX up and Van gouges the eye of Uri and executes a huge Snap DDT, driving Uri's head to the mat.]

    Gregory Titus - Uri is gonna feel that in the morning!

    Michael Jax - I think he's feeling it now!

    [VHX measures Uri, hitting a huge Superkick, driving his foot into the jaw of Novikov. Van goes up top and connects with a leg drop across the throat of Uri. VHX goes out to the ring and grabs another table, bringing it into the ring and setting it up in one of the corners. Van turns around and walks right into Uri who plants Van with his finsher the Russian Hammer Bomb ]

    Gregory Titus - Is that the greatest move ever or what?

    Michael Jax - Yeah, you know it, that move is just monstrous!

    [Uri drags Vans body to the corner where the tables are set up out side and puts him on the turnbuckle. Uri climbs up and lifts Van up and hits the Russian Hammer Bomb, sending Van crashing through 2 tables!]

    Frank Canyon - The winner of this match, Uri Novikov!!!

    Gregory Titus - What!? Van lost!? I cannot believe this!

    Michael Jax - Wow! That was horrendous!

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    Frank Canyon - This match is a Last Man Standing Match and is a Semi Finals Match in the TCW World Championship Tournament. On his way to the ring at this time, weighing in at 210 pounds, from Cornwall, England, Luke Turne!!!

    Frank Canyon - and his opponent, weighing in at 197 pounds, from Boston, Massachusetts, The Homicidal Highflyer!!!

    [The lights begin to flicker wildly with the sounds of Artemis's theme song. After a few moments, he bursts through the entrance and makes his way to the stage. He walks down looking at everyone and speeds up towards the ring. He slides in and stands in the middle of the ring with his arms out.]

    [ Luke Turne DDT's The Homicidal Highflyer's head into the mat to start things off. Luke Turne lifts the Artemis Eclipse and drives his shoulder into his knee. Artemis Eclipse is back on his feet and it's obvious both men are not 100%. Luke Turne grabs the Artemis Eclipse from behind and delivers a deadly backstabber! Eclipse is down and Daniel Reed begins to count ..1 ...2 Luke Turne grabs Artemis Eclipse and executes a neck-breaker. The Homicidal Highflyer quickly recovers and hits a spinning wheel kick before executing a flawless piledriveer to Luke Turne.]

    Gregory Titus - Such speed! That was a lethal combination!

    Michael Jax - Indeed it was Greg!

    [Luke Turne moves back to his feet, his leg gives out as he drops to the ground.. Artemis Eclipse quickly takes advantage, hitting a huge Shining Wizard. Eclipse goes up top and hits a stomp to the chest. Daniel Reed begins the count ...1 ...2 Eclipse pases around the ring ...3 ...4 ...5 Turne slowly starts to get up ...6 ...7 ...8 Turne is up and Eclipse is all over him, hitting a huge knee to Turne's face. Artemis grabs Turne and sets him on his shoulder.]

    Gregory Titus - Oh boy! I know whats coming next!

    [Eclipse hits The Rubix Cube on Turne and he is out cold. Daniel Reed begins the count ...1 ...2 ...3 ...4 ...5 Eclipse begins to celebrate ...6 ...7 ...8 ...9 ...10]

    Michael Jax - That was the end! Turne's injured leg was his downfall!

    Gregory Titus - Artemis is a smart man, he took advantage of the situation and that was all she wrote!

    Frank Canyon - The winner of the match, The Homicidal Highflyer Artemis Eclipse!!!

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    Frank Canyon - This match is a Ladder Match for the TCW World Championship. On his way to the ring at this time, weighing in at 274 pounds, from Moscow, Russia, Uri Novikov!!!

    Frank Canyon - and his opponent, weighing in at 197 pounds, from Boston, Massachusetts, The Homicidal Highflyer Artemis Eclipse!!!

    [The lights begin to flicker wildly with the sounds of Artemis's theme song. After a few moments, he bursts through the entrance and makes his way to the stage. He walks down looking at everyone and speeds up towards the ring. He slides in and stands in the middle of the ring with his arms out.]

    [Uri Novikov starts things off with a running boot to Eclipse's face before quickly grabbing him and hitting the Samoan Drop. Uri Novikov lifts Eclipse up from the ground and delivers a german suplex, folding Artemis in half ]

    Michael Jax - Uri Novikov executes a German Suplex and damn near broke Eclipse in half!

    Gregory Titus - If The Homicidal Highflyer hopes to win he will need to use his speed to counter The Russians brute strength!

    [Uri Novikov puts Artemis Eclipse in an arm grapevine submission and it's obvious that Eclipse is becoming exhausted from wrestling 2 matches in a row. Uri Novikov breaks the hold and goes to the top turnbuckle and hits a diving elbow, landing across the heart of Artemis! The Russian lifts The Homicidal Highflyer up and sends himthe the corner. Uri runs towards him, but Eclipse is quick to move, sending Uri shouulder first into the corner. Eclipse takes advantage amd puts him up top and hits the frankenseiner, sending Novikov crashing to the mat. Eclipse is quick and runs off the ropes, hitting a baseball slide sending Uri out of the ring before hitting a huge moonsault to the outside! ]

    Gregory Titus - Huge move from Artemis! This is what he needs to do if he hopes to win!

    Michael Jax - Outside the ring is the most dangerous place to be, and right now it's covered in weapons!

    [Artemis Eclipse snap suplexes Uri Novikov, hitting hard on the outside. Eclipse takes the ladder back into the ring He sets it up in the center of the ring as Novikov enters the ring. Artemis Eclipse punches Uri Novikov repeatedly, but Novikov shoves him back. Artemis Eclipse rebounds and clotheslines Uri Novikov. Eclipse grabs Uri, but The Russian is quick and gouges the eye of Artemis, Uri Novikov kicks Eclipse in the face, damn near taking his head off in the process. Uri Novikov stomps Artemis Eclipse's head as he begins to bleed. Artemis Eclipse gets snap suplexed by Uri Novikov, Eclipse begins to groan. Uri Novikov moves to the first step of the ladder. The Homicidal Highflyer quickly regains his compusure and dropkicks the ladder sending Uri Novikov to the mat. ]

    Michael Jax - That could've been a whole lot worse!

    Gregory Titus - Artemis is moving a bit gingerly, he is no where near 100% I'd be surprised if he was at 75% to be honest.

    Michael Jax - Uri had time to rest, Artemis did not, he went from one match to another, and it is showing.

    [Novikov gets back up and is hit with a Spear from Eclipse. Artemis goes up to the top rope and says it's over as he goes for the Dragon Rana, Novikov catches him and hits a huge Powerbomb. Uri Novikov leg drops Artemis Eclipse, landing across the throat. Uri Novikov sucks chants start in the crowd as do U.S.A Chants. Novikov moves the ladder near the ropes and grabs Eclipse. Uri puts Artemis on his shoulder as if he were about to hit the Electric Chair but instead begins to climb the ladder]

    Michael Jax - What in the hell is he planning? A fall from there would kill a man!

    Gregory Titus - This guy is nuts! He may be trying to kill Artemis!

    [Uri Climbs to the top and tries to push Eclipse off his shoulder, but Artemis holds on tight, punching Novikov across the face several times. Eclipse turns himself and tries to hit a hurricanrana, but to no avail. Artemis rolls over and lands on the other side of the ladder as the two begin to trade blows among one another. Uri gouges the eye of Artemis and climbs to the top step, grabbing Eclipse by the neck, lifting him up The Russian executes the Russian Hammer Bomb, sending Eclipse crashing through the announce table.]

    Michael Jax - My God! I think he just killed Artemis! He isn't moving!

    Gregory Titus - I swear, our announce table just exploded into a million little pieces!

    Michael Jax - I think Eclipse hit his head on one of the monitors!

    [Uri leaps from the ladder and manags to grab the Championship, pulling it down and ending the match.]

    Frank Canyon - The winner of this match, and new TCW World Champion, Uri Novikov!!!

    [Medical personal and security come out to check on Artemis Eclipse, as Uri raises the title high in the air.]

    Michael Jax - Ladies and Gentlemen, that does it for TCW 2, we will see you in 2 week for TCW 3! Stay tuned to for news and information! Goodnight!

    [Uri stands in the ring as the cameras fade to black.]

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    Ring of Redemption is scheduled for Sunday, than like our EWNCW Counter Parts we will take the week to discuss the following month and be back the following week!

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    Oblivion is NEXT folks!

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    Oblivion 5/10/12

    *The show opens with new Alpha Revolution Owner Marik Sheehan in the ring. His VP of Talent, James Ashford is also in the ring as well a a Giant of a man.*

    MS: Hello folks, welcome to Oblivion, for those who do not know me, I am Marik Sheehan. I am the C.E.O of U-Corp and owner of Alpha Revolution and True Championship Wrestling. Last week A-Rev came back from a month long hiatus with a blast! Boy was it a good show, but I think so changes need to be put in place and alliances need to be tested. Tonight we will have our selves a Proving Ground Match, as our Global Champ, Van Hooligan X with face off against HolyJose, if HolyJose can manage to beat Van, well he will earn himself a Title shot.

    *The crowd boos loudly*

    MS: I am aware of your ill-will towards both of them, however I am testing their "friendship". I want to see if they are truly friends or if HolyJose is just kissing ass and binding time until he can get a title shot.

    *Marik smirks*

    MS: Oh, and HolyJose, I will be watching your match so you better give it your all, you here me? Good. Lets begin tonights show!

    JM: It's time for the ladies of Alpha Revolution, and they are in the first match of the night! Tonight we have Sisters of Sin, Lust and Envy, squaring off against the Bella Twins.

    SC: Yes, this match right here may well prove that Alpha Revolution can be the biggest federation for women's wrestling. With the backing of EWNCW, we could possibly do just that!

    LS: This next match is a women's tag-team match, scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, representing The Seven Deadly Sins, Lust and Envy, The Sisters of Sin!

    SC: As part of the sins, you can be sure, that these two women are both deadly and beautiful at the same time. Their in-ring style is going to give the Bella Twins a run for their money.

    JM: That is may, but we can't count out the Bella's. They are a very skilled team, and may be a stopping force when it comes to the sins.

    LS: Introducing their opponents, the BELLA TWINS!

    JM: And here they are - can they do it tonight? Only time will tell. The odds are against them, as the Sins Stable is one of great ability and skill. I won't count them out just yet.

    SC: Hard to say, JM, the Sins are built to win - and I think they are going to prove that tonight when they go against this team of the Bella's.

    SoS(K2/Evei) vs TBT(Themselves)

    SC: And the Sisters pull it off. Lust and Envy manage to pick up the win over the Bella's!

    JM: Yes they did, the Bella's weren't on their game tonight and the Sin's pick up momentum for their group heading into Ring of Redemption.

    SC: Could we see a Sins-dominant PPV?
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    LS: The following is a Six Man Tag Team Match, introducing first the team of Sloth, Gluttony and the Division 1 Champion, Pride, they are The Seven Deadly Sins!

    *The members of Seven Deadly Sins make there way to the ring, Pride holds up his title to a chorus of boos from the crowd.*

    Pride: Hehehehe So I get team with my brothers to take on some ignorant pests? Normally I am very happy and and egotistical but to be honest I am rather sick of seeing these three douchebags. Now This Sunday Seven Deadly Sins will do exactly what we claimed we'd do. We will walk out of Ring of Redemption holding every title this place has to offer. We are just to good for you people to beat. I will retain my title and my dear brothers will walk out as Team Combat Champions! The Sin will win!

    Gluttony: There’s no doubt about it, my brother. See, this guys here, Muir and Silver, are so freaking scared of the Sin that they need to recruit Leavitt to face us. As if they stand a chance. Not only against the three of us, but any member of the Sin, and that includes our lovely sisters Lust and Envy! They can make you tap in no time! Hell, these three here are such a waste of human beings that they won’t even know what to do with Sloth’s blankie if you handed it to them! So, let’s get straight to business, as I have a feast of the best food waiting for us now, only a fragment of the legendary meal we’ll have after Ring of Redemption!

    *Sloth gets off his butt after listening to his Brothers. He stashes his blankie in his ring coat and takes the mic from his brother Gluttony*

    Sloth: Muir, Silver and Leavitt your nescience of the ways of the world are appalling, you are innocents, you are valueless, you are vapid and void of virtues that make a real man- real men such as my brothers in Sin- we are an unstoppable force because we live by a code- as do our sisters in Sin .As far Silver and Muir, you're title reign has been meaningless except for the fact that you're just keeping OUR belts warm for us- and as my Brothers Pride and Gluttony have said, at Ring of Redemption the Seven Deadly Sins will walk out with each and every title.

    LS: And their opponents, the team of Zach Silver, Mike Muir and Adrian Leavitt!

    SC: Well this should be a high impact match, that's for sure!

    JM: I just hope no one is burned alive.. Again..

    SC: Hey, we have no proof that Solomon was burnt alive...

    (Adrian Leavitt/Orton Zach Silver/John Morrison and Mike Muir/Sheamus VS Pride/Cody Rhodes Sloth/Mark Henry and Gluttony/Christian)

    SC: I knew there would be chaos!

    JM: Can you imagine what's going to happen Sunday at Ring of Redemption?

    SC: Oh yeah, and if ts anything like tonight we will have new Team Combat Champions!

    Commercial Break
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    JM: Well, up next we have one doozy of a match. Das-Wa vs Greed. Das-Wa is going to have his work cut out for him. The Sins are dangerous, and Greed is not going to stray from that path.

    SC: You are correct, but Das-Wa cannot be counted out. This man is a genius in the ring, and Greed may follow his own name, get greedy and give Das-Wa a chance to pull out a late-game victory.

    LS: The next match is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from Australia, it's DAS-WA.

    SC: Can this man, in your opinion, JM, get past Greed tonight in this match?

    JM: Can he? Yes - but tonight, I do not believe will be his night. Greed is looking to go into RoR against Van with some momentum!

    LS: Introducing next, representing The Seven Deadly Sins, GREED!

    JM: And here he goes. This man is going to have his hands full at RoR against Van Hooligan. Van won't want to relinquish his title, and if he does, it won't be without Greed having to pay heavily for it.

    SC: I agree, that is sure to be a match of the night candidate. I can see, however, either man pulling it out. But tonight, it's all about two. Greed and his opponent, Das-Wa. If Greed wants that momentum, he is going to have to earn it.

    Das-Wa(ValKabious) vs Greed(Ryan Smile)

    JM: What's this? Greed's won! And he's motioning for a microphone. I wonder what he has to say.

    Greed: The time draws near and Sin Lusts for the Pride of being the best. We have a Gluttony for punishment and though we may have our Sloth moments, no one survives the Wrath of Sin. People look at Sin with great Envy knowing they can never be as good as us much less better than I, Greed!!!

    This is why fools like Van Hooligan X who believe they are above Sin, will always fall. They will fall under the might and power that comes from the embodiment of Sin itself.

    I will be.....

    *Fans boo*

    Yes, I will be.......

    *Fans boos grow louder*

    An embodiment of Sin itself will be.......the next Alpha Revolution Global Heavyweight Champion.

    *Fans boo mercilessly*

    I will be the bring you all Sin in its highest form, the one who will stand above the rest alongside my brethren in Sin and through Sin......-scoffs-

    *Fans show great displeasure at the words coming out of Greed's mouth as they scream for him to shut the hell up*


    *Fans boo Greed without end*

    Through Sin.....Alpha Revolution will soar to new heights and soon you will all thank The Seven Deadly Sins for doing so.

    So Van Hooligan X; I urge you to prepare for pain, suffering, lament but more importantly to embrace that sense of disappointment you'll feel in knowing you faced Sin thinking you could be but never were better than me.

    I'll see flat on your back when we meet in this ring very soon.


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