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    May 3 2012
    Capital Centre-Washington DC, Maryland

    Karnage Theme

    I’m not Jesus by Apocalyptica blares over the arena, as Karnage comes to us live from Charleston WV. The fans are going wild, as the pyro’s go off signaling the start of the show.

    Chris Divine

    Hear Me Now by Hollywood Undead blares over the PA system, as the fans immediately start booing like crazy! Chris Divine walks out from the behind the curtain with a smirk on his face. He stands at the top of the ramp, and poses, mocking the fans.

    Divine walks down the ramp, and climbs the steel steps and then into the ring. He walks to the corner where he is handed a mic. He returns to the center, as the music is cut off.

    Divine: A lot of people are probably wondering why I am here, and why I did what I did last week. Let Divine give you a quick history lesson. Back when ICW was the #1 promotion not just in the US, but around the world, I joined there. It was Divine’s dream to one day become the ICW Champion. Heck, Divine even went on to win the Universal Championship, as well as the tag titles with Shawn Michaels! I was set to challenge the ICW Champion, Jake Bones, and that is when Smokey ruined it all. He closed the doors to ICW, and killed Divine’s dreams. So, Divine went to other companies, held other titles, but there was something missing in Divine’s world. So I left wrestling. Since the time ICW closed, Divine was never contacted by anyone from there. Not even to just see how Divine was doing.


    A few months ago, I decided to return to what I love. Divine returned to wrestling, by joining the #1 global company right now, HWA. Then…Divine heard the news. ICW was going to be resurrected. Divine heard rumblings that Smokey reached out to his old talent, and not many wanted to return. Do you know the one person that Smokey didn’t contact? ME! Divine was left in the dark, by his first home. So…after Divine saw the lackluster talent from the first show back, he knew that he had to make a statement. That is what I did last week. I decimated my former partner in Shawn Michaels, and I left one of the two men who might be the new ICW Champion, flat on his face last week. Divine isn’t done though….Divine won’t be done until Smokey apologizes for leaving Divine in the dark. Divine won’t be…


    Suddenly, Smile Back by Mac Miller blares over the PA system, as Smokey walks out from the back to a massive ovation! Smokey stands at the top of the ramp, with a microphone in hand. His music is cut off.

    Smokey: Wow Divine…talk about a cry baby! So what if I didn’t want to bring you back. All you did before in ICW was complain and wine and try to weasel your way to the top. You didn’t deserve to be in ICW, and you don’t deserve to be now. Here is the thing though Chris, I am a fair guy, so here is how it is going to be. At Bad Habit, you are going to be involved in a match. If you win, you will get a ICW contract. If you lose though Divine…you have to leave wrestling. I don’t mean just ICW, I mean HWA, and any other company out there. You will be blacklisted from here on out.

    Divine: You know what Smokes…you want that, you got that! On one condition…when I win..not if, but when Divine wins, I get the contract, and you give me an apology!

    Smokey: Pretty sure of yourself…and you don’t even know who you are facing…but fine, because I have faith in the man you are facing at Bad Habit, and I am sure you won’t walk away from Bad Habit as the winner. So you got a deal Chris. You got a deal.

    Smokey goes to turn to leave, but stops and looks back at Chris Divine.

    Smokey: Oh and Chris, always remember, when you are dealing with the owner of any company, to always have one eye in the back of your head.

    Divine turns, and is nailed with some Sweet Chin Music from Shawn Michaels who is bandaged up! Shawn stares down at Divine, who is laying on his back. There is fire in his eyes, as the camera’s cut to a commercial break.

    ~Commercial Break~

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    Karnage comes back from the commercial break, and cuts to JR and The King at the announce table.

    JR: Folks, thanks for joining us, and for those that missed the beginning of the show, some huge news went down.

    The King: Huge news JR, its amazing news! One of the ICW original has come back to ICW, Chris Divine!

    Jr: Can you really say amazing, considering what he did to Shawn Michaels last week King?

    King: Ok, he was kind of out of hand by attacking Shawn, but at Bad Habit, these two will get to settle it. If Divine beats Shawn, he gets a contract and Smokey has to apologize.

    JR: But if Shawn wins, Chris can never step foot in a wrestling company anywhere in any form.
    King: That is still 2 weeks away JR. Tonight, we get to see one of the two men going for the ICW Championship at Bad Habit, in a handicap match!

    JR: That is right.

    King: Not only that, but there is a chance the main event at Bad Habit gets changed from a Last Man Standing match to a triple threat tonight, if whoever the opponent for Van Hooligan wins.

    JR: Exactly, the better question is, WHO is facing Van tonight?

    Van Hooligan X

    Own Little World blares over the PA system, as Van Hooligan walks from behind the curtain to a chorus of boos!

    JR: And here is one of the two men who might be the new ICW Champion come Bad Habit

    King: Maybe we are going to find out who he faces tonight

    Van walks down the ramp, climbing into the ring. He is handed a mic from the corner, as he stands at the center. His music fades, as he raises the mic to speak.

    Van: I'm out here to clarify 1 simple thing. Now don't get me wrong here, I don't give 2 shits what any of you idiots think about me. But I'll point this out for you since I truly feel none of you have the ability to figure this out on your own!

    I'm not an arrogant man, nor cocky or egotistical. I'm brutally honest. That's all, I just tell the truth.

    So when I state that I'm 1 of the best compared to everyone in the back, superior to all when I hold a microphone in my hands or out shine everyone in the ring. I back it up. Just like I have since arriving here! *Boos just seem to be getting louder* You people can be as envious as you want! Fact is, I've been pro since last November and I'm already 1 of the biggest threats wherever I go! That imbecile Smokey can book whoever he likes, regardless of difficulty, I will still come out on top because I am that damn good! I make impacts, I end streaks and I am your future world champion!

    Speaking of which, Artemis. The man who will fall at Bad Habit. I'm sorry to tell you boo-boo but your dreams of touching my gold aren't ever coming true. But fear not, since I have something very special for you next week! I'm not giving away though yet. I--

    Suddenly, the titantron comes to life and we see Smokey in his face.

    Smokey: Van…oh Van…will you just shut up already? See, last week I told you between now and Bad Habit, each week you would be in a match where if your opponent wins, they are added to the main event at Bad Habit. Well this week, I searched for the perfect opponent for you. I signed this guy to a contract, and trust me when I say, it is looking like the main event at Bad Habit will be a triple threat after this match. Oh…and Van, that match starts right now.
    The titantron goes dead, as Van stands in the ring with a smirk on his face.


    Pain by 3 Days Grace blares over the PA system, as a man walks out from the back to a mixed reaction.

    JR: Well this guy must be ICW’s newest acquisition.

    King: Yeah, but who is he JR.

    The man walks down the ring, and climbs in, staring down at Van. He yanks the mic from Van, as his music his cut off.


    ???: My name is JJ, and I…

    Van nails a enziguiri, but it doesn’t take the big man off his feet, only makes him stumble. The bell sounds, as a ref runs down and into the ring.

    Match 1
    Van Hooligan X vs. JJ

    JJ is back to his senses, as he grabs ahold of Van, just throwing him across the ring. Van rolls into the corner, and sits with his back resting there. The two men look at each other from across the ring, as Van points to his head a few times showing he is going to out smart JJ. Van is back to his feet, as he motions for JJ to just bring it, and JJ seems pissed. He charges at Van, but Van rolls out of the way. JJ is able to stop his momentum before colliding into the corner. Van is now at another corner, as he does the same thing from before. The same exact thing happens, with JJ stopping before hitting the turnbuckle, and Van ending up in another turnbuckle. Van motions for JJ to bring it again, and it is obvious Van is playing head games, as JJ goes charging again. Van nails a dropkick to the knee of JJ this time instead, as JJ’s head bounces off the turnbuckle. JJ stumbles back, as Van runs into the ropes. He springboards off, colliding with JJ nailing a dropkick. The big man isn’t brought down though, as Van is right back to his feet. Hooligan charges into the ropes, going right back towards JJ going for a flying shoulder block. JJ catches Van! BLACK HOLE SLAM!

    JR: Oh what a wicked move by JJ. That definitely killed any momentum Van had.

    King: No! Come on Van! You can still beat this knucklehead!

    JJ goes for the pin.


    Van kicks out after 2. JJ is back to his feet, as he lifts Van up, whipping him into the ropes. Van comes rebounding back, as JJ tosses Van into the air, setting him up for a massive samoan drop! Van comes crashing down on JJ’s shoulders, but counters! Van counters the attempted samoan drop into a reverse DDT! Van is back to his feet, as he charges into the ropes. JJ sits back up, but Van comes back connecting with a running knee to the face of JJ. JJ is down again on his back, as Van scales to the nearest top turnbuckle. Van comes off to the top with a split legged moonsault. Van goes for the cover.


    JJ kicks out after only 1!

    King: What is Van going to have to do to put this behemoth down?

    JR: I’m not sure King, But whatever it is, we still haven’t seen it yet.

    JJ is back to his feet, as Van taunts JJ again. JJ charges at Van, but Van counters by dropping down, grabbing the top rope. JJ barrels over the top to the outside, as Van smirks and points to his head again, showing he is out smarting JJ and in his head. JJ is back to his feet, as Van is running towards the rope. Van dives over the top rope, going for a senton, but JJ counters into a wicked powerbomb on the outside!

    JR: OH MY GAWD! OH MY GAWD! You can’t do that to a man! He might have broken him in half!!!

    King: Or he might atleast have a concussion. Ref stop this match! Someone get down here to check on Van!

    JJ turns, very pissed about his this match has gone so far, as the ref is starting the count.


    JJ is over by the announce table, as he sends the time keeper flying into the barrier. JJ picks up the chair the keeper was sitting on, as he turns to a downed Van.


    JJ sets the chair down next to Van, almost as if he could have Van sit in it. JJ lifts Van up to his feet, so Van is standing in front of the chair. JJ takes a few steps back, as he signals for the end.


    JJ charges at Van, going for a spear, but Van side steps and nails a drop toe hold on the behometh, sending JJ with all of his momentum face first into the seat of the chair! JJ is down, clutching his face in pain, as Van rolls into the ring.


    JR: Van did it! He outsmarted JJ!

    King: WOO HOO! I knew he could do it! Definitely some quick thinking by Van.

    Mike Ripple: The winner of this match via count out, Van Hooligan X!

    Van stands in the center of the ring, getting booed by the fans, as suddenly…

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    Antonyo Angelo

    The European Union blares over the PA system, as Antonyo Angelo comes out from the back to a massive chorus of boos, he makes his way down to the ring, getting in the face of Van. Angelo turns to the corner, grabbing a mic, before coming back to the center looking at Van, and then around at the fans. He raises the mic to speak.

    Angelo: My name is Mr Antonyo Angelo, and I am from the best country in the world Italy. You stupid Americans get the chance to see the best European wrestler perform. I am here to ICW for two reasons, to get a lot of money, and to become the ICW heavyweight champion, so my fans back home can see me on TV.I am the best wrestler here and my skill in the ring are 25 times higher than the garbage in the back

    The fans are going booing immensely at Angelo.

    Let Mr Antonyo Angelo teach you a lesson tonight. Every time Mr Angelo come out to the arena or shows up in your TV you will stand up and give me a standing ovation in appreciation for me. I was not born in this stupid country and that alone makes me so much better than you are.I am going to be the very first Italian born ICW champion and when I do that I will bring that belt back home to Italy and have a big classy party like we Italians do just for me

    I will say it again, I am the best wrestler ever to come out of Europe and I am gonna destroy everybody that gets in the ring with me in ICW.So Artemis Eclipse, Kryptonite, Clint Foster, N, Omega and all the roster in the back be warned….all I can do now is wish you all good luck. Because what I say I do and what I want I get.MY NAME IS ANTONYO ANGELO AND I AM THE ITALIAN STALLION.

    Angelo turns to leave, but then looks back at Van with a smirk.

    Angelo: I’m sure I’ll see you around, Hooligan.

    Angelo then puts his hand out, for Hooligan to shake. Van looks at it for a moment, then hesitantly shakes it. Angelo then turns and walks out of the ring, as the camera’s cut to a commercial break.

    ~Commercial Break~

    Karnage comes back from the commercial break, as The Memory Remains by Metallica blares over the PA system.
    Kryptonite gets a mixed reaction from the fans, as he makes his way into the ring. He is handed a mic, as his music fades.

    Kryptonite: So last week that asshole Darkness ruined my chance, well good play Darkness.. Good play.. I started the game, and i am going to end it this week, i don't have much time to spend on you because you're not worth it. I am going to find you and beat you up, till the blood comes out of your ears. You pissed me off damn well, and not very much people reach that limit, you know why? Because by the time they are almost there.. I destroy them, I kill them physically and mentally. Nothing will be left of you Darkness.. I am going to get revenge, you little basta..

    Inside The Fire by Disturbed cuts off Kryptonite, as The Darkness walks out from the back to a chorus of boos. He walks down the ramp and into the ring. Darkness is handed a mic, as he stands across from Kryptonite. The Darkness’s music fades, as he raises the mic.

    Darkness: Foolish mortal...last week...was to get your attention. Now, that I have it, you will be able to witness the true powers of a god...they call me Darkness, because I am the God of The Darkness! I control all that appears at night. I control your nightmares...but I am your worst nightmare. You crossed me, now you sealed your fate. I will destroy you, bone by bone, and leave you to die, or beg for your mercy, which I won't give of course, but instead only hurt you more and let you cry and shed tears for your life.

    Then...I will send you through the portal to hell, where you will suffer for all eternity Kryptonite, while I reign supreme...and you will be the first one to suffer my…

    Kryptonite cuts Darkness off, by bashing him in the head with his microphone! The two start going blow for blow, but Darkness is able to get the upperhand. Darkness grabs Kryptonite by the throat signaling for a Chokeslam! He lifts Kryptonite up, but drops him, as he is nailed in the back with a chair by Dave Steele!

    Jr: What in the hell is Steele doing out here?! He has no business!

    King: Well he just saved Kryptonite from a big beating, and I for one couldn’t be happier.

    Darkness turns to Steele, only to be bashed over the head with another steel chair shot. Darkness is down, as both Dave Steele and Kryptonite get out of the ring, looking at each other and then Darkness in the ring.

    The camera’s cut to the back, where we see N and Ryan Wells standing with the ICW’s interviewer, Stacy Blake.

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    Stacy Blake: Guys, later tonight you both are in the match to crown the new X-Treme Champion. Whoever loses, is eliminated from the chase for gold and next week the three remaining people will be in a triple threat match. This week, you two are forced to team up if either of you are hoping to move on. Thoughts from either of you?

    N: My Thoughts Are Stacy Baby ,My Baby Blake How Are You Doing *puts her hair behind her ear*Trust. If I tell you my thoughts right about now,it will have nothing to do with the ring out there ..But Back At My House and Showing You.The Ring in There *wink,wink*So As I Move On ,Ima Show You What a X-trem Champion Looks Like...

    Ryan Wells: Stacy, sorry for his crude behavior, obviously he thinks all women are easy, but not a beautiful and sophisticated woman like yourself. But yes, tonight N and I are teaming up. No diminishing his talent, but I have the talent and the skill to be this company's very first and only X-Treme Champion. I will work and team with him tonight in him only if he does. I will move on in this tournament, regardless with his cooperation or not. I will win, for the fans, and for me.

    Stacy Blake: Ryan, last week you teamed with Omega, and seemed to do pretty well together. Do you think that will be a disadvantage this week being on the opposite side of him?

    Ryan Wells: Omega has grown on me, and it'll be hard to face him, but I know I can succeed. He is a great wrestler, but I have much more experience and I will ultimately prevail. Is it hard to have to face him and hopefully beat him? Of course. And I hope that this does not change our, in my opinion, a growing friendship. But I have to win this, and I will.

    Stacy Blake: N, last week Kryptonite was pinned in the match. If you rewatch it though, you can clearly see you just watched from the outside as Kryptonite was pinned. Why did you not try to break up the count?

    N: Why Should I Break up The Pin!!! ..You See its About Getting There's and Getting Yours...They Got There's by Winning and Pinning Kryp,Not ME!.and Ima Be Getting Mines Tonight By Finishing Off and Cementing my Road to Being Crowned Champ, *looks at wells* CH-CH-CHAmp!...**puts Arm around Stacy*..THAT issss What All Of This Issss About ,And Don't You Ever Forget That Stacy Baby

    Stacy Blake:Ew....Ryan, do you think you and N can work well together tonight?

    Ryan Wells: I can only hope that he goes out there with the same goal as I, which is to win. Yes, if we win, we'll face each other next week, but right now we should focus on getting to that point, and I can only hope again, that he agrees in theory with me and we can work together and put on a winning match for the fans.

    N: Look At Us, Look At Me , Look at This Steroid Freak...Of Course We Can All He Gotta Do is Get a Few Power Moves in The First Few Minutes Before he suffers Heart Failure, Tags Me in...I Give All Energy and Effort, Finish off The Match ,Help Wells Get to the Back,let Him Get Treated and Off We Go To Continue The Chase...*wells about to speak*..*JUMPS BACK IN* FOR THE GOLD!

    Stacy Blake: N, if you and Wells are successful tonight, next week you will face off in a triple threat match. Do you think that factors in at all when it comes to tonight?

    N: Not At All, I Could Care Less About Next Week , My Main and Only Focus is Tonight,Today Not Manana, Its Easy to Say your going to get there, I Will Get there by having this same attitude and aggresion always. N is The Future That Way, No Factors..Triple Threat Here I Come.*slides shades up*

    Wells: Of course that factors in, I can't trust him not to completely have my back tonight. But his goal is to win, just like me, but after our win, am I afraid to go after him if he goes after me, no. No one scares me and no one will ever intimidate me.

    Stacy Blake: Any last thoughts for the Faithful watching at home, or for your opponents before you head out there from either of you?

    N:...*looks down,looks up*...NO.

    N turns, walking off camera.

    Wells looks at N walking away, before turning back to Stacy.

    Ryan Wells: Of course, the fans of ICW will see a great match tonight, and after my win, I will be signing autographs after the show near the concession stand! And then, maybe we could get dinner Stacy?

    Stacy giggles, as the camera's zoom out, still showing Stacy and Wells talking. The camera's cut to a commercial break.

    ~Commercial Break~

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    Karnage comes back from a commercial break, to see Clint Foster looking into the camera, while sitting in his locker room.

    Clint Foster: Ya know, since I came to ICW I've talked about winning the championship. That's pretty much the only thing that matters to me. Regardless of who I have to go through or what I have to do to them, it's gonna happen. I AM going to be the ICW Champion.

    See, I say I'm an American hero & people around here don't like that. Really I could care less about what they think because I'm an American hero, I'm Clint Foster. I mean really, Clint Foster. I'm pretty important ya know. But still, I've got some people to go through on my path to the championship. And the next step in line is a little tag team match. I've got to team up with some prick named Riley Omega?

    Ya know, Omega means the end and Riley if you screw me over it's gonna be the end for you. Now as long as you don't cause me any problems I won't cause you any problems. Now we're taking on Ryan Wells. He calls himself the freak? Everybody around here looks like som freak to me. And what's his partner's name, N? That's not even a name, it's a freaking letter! What an idiot...

    Now we're gonna win this match Riley. I say we, but I mean I am gonna win this match & make my way to the triple threat match next week. Like I said Riley, if you wanna get in my way I'll take you out too. But as long as you work with me, I'll work with you. It can be me, you, & one of those idiots we're facing in that triple threat. And heck, maybe it'll be me & you in the ladder match at Bad Habit. Who knows? I've got no problem with that. Of course I can beat you 1-on-1. That's not the issue at hand right now though.

    I'm worried about getting through this tag match, into the triple threat, & then into that ladder match! See when I get there, it's gonna get real ugly. I can real hurt people, it's fun. Ladder matches are right up my alley. I mean I've got shrapnel all over my body. I'm used to pain, doesn't bother me, I like it!

    Regardless of who I face I WILL win. Till I collapse, Semper Fi...

    The camera’s slowly zoom out of Clint Foster, with him staring intently into the camera, before cutting to another shot to see Kryptonite and Dave Steele in the back talking, as Smokey walks in. Both men, stop, and look at Smokes.

    Smokey: I saw what you two did. So you guys like to team up to get the upperhand on someone? Well how about next week, I even the scales out. Next weeks Karnage is our final show before Bad Habit, and next week, you two will team up. It will be Dave Steele and Kryptonite taking on the likes of Darkness, JJ, and another of ICW's newest acquisitions, Shaz, in a 3 on 2 handicap match.

    Steele and Kryptonite try to interrupt, seemingly pissed over this turn of events, but Smokey holds up his finger.

    Smokey: Hold up, I'm not done. Speaking of Bad Habit, Kryptonite, I hope you are ready for your first ICW PPV. You will be taking on the man you've had troubles with in the last few weeks...that's right, The Darkness.

    Smokey turns, going to leave, but then looks back at Kryptonite.

    Smokey: Oh, and I forgot to mention, it will be a Finisher Only match. Meaning who ever nails their finishing move first, will be declared the winner. Hope you have fun Kryps...cuz I know myself and the fans will.

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    The camera's cut back to the ring, where we see Vulgar standing at the center with a mic in hand.

    Vulgar: Vulgar: Holy shit, I've been aloud to talk
    Actually, I guess it's my fault, I haven't walked the walk

    I've disappointed in my matches, so far I've been crap
    This week I'm going to turn it around, l'll make you tap

    ICW, this week is my chance
    Whoever my opponent is, let's have a little dance

    I like all you fans - I think you're really cool
    The rest of the roster is a bitch, I'll make them look like a fool

    On Karnage tonight, and that's Karnage, with a K
    I'll win a match someday, and that day is today

    And another thing bitch...

    Angels and Stars by Eric Turner blares over the PA system. Shaz comes out from the back to a chorus of boos. Shaz makes his way to the ring, and gets in the face of Vulgar. He grabs the microphone from Vulgar, before taking a step back.

    Shaz: What's up bitches? My name is Shaz! And I'll be making my debut tonight! Lemme tell you imbreciles some things about myself! I've came out of prison! I'm here to dominate ICW And I'm the Best in the World! So errrm! Vulgar, I hear your on a losing streak? And you say that this is gonna end tonight? Well you say wrong bitch! I will defeat you and prove to this ugly world that I'm the Best in the World! So! Watch out! Cause I'm gonna whoop your ass! Cause I'm the Rapid King..The Legend of all Legends..the Best in the World at what I do! And there is nothing and I mean nothing! That can take that away from me!


    Shaz drops the mic, as a ref climbs into the ring and motions to the bell keeper. The bell sounds, signaling the start of the match!

    Match 2
    Vulgar vs. Shaz

    The two hook up into a grapple, but neither man is able to gain the upper ground in the power struggle. They release, taking a step back looking at each other. They go in for another hook up, but the same thing happens this time as before. The release again, as they appear to be at a stalemate.

    JR: It seems like neither man is able to get the upperhand.

    King: I’m really hoping Vulgar can pull off the win here, as he hasn’t done much yet.

    The two men go to hookup in the ring, but this time Shaz gets the upperhand taking Vulgar down with a side headlock. Shaz holds him on the ground in the position, before latching onto the arm of Vulgar, sinking in an armbar submission hold. Vulgar is able to roll out of it though, breaking the hold. Both men are back to their feet, as Vulgar drops Shaz with a shoulder block. Vulgar charges into the ropes, and bounces off of them, going right back at Shaz who is back on his feet. Vulgar turns Shaz inside out with a big clothesline. Vulgar turns, and goes for the pin on Shaz.


    Shaz kicks out after only one. Vulgar picks Shaz up to a standing position, and kicks Shaz in the gut. Vulgar lifts Shaz up, and brings him crashing down with a powerbomb. Vulgar doesn’t let go though, as he lifts Shaz up a second time, nailing another powerbomb. He lifts Shaz up for a third, but Shaz counters with a stiff shot to the face of Vulgar. Shaz counters the powerbomb attempt, with a hurricarana into the ropes, sending Vulgar to the outside. Shaz is back to his feet, as he grabs the top rope. Vulgar is back to his feet, as Shaz launches himself over the top rope, nailing a corkscrew body press to the outside on Vulgar.

    JR: Nailed to perfection by Shaz!

    King: Oh come on JR, he just got lucky.

    JR: Either way King, he took a chance and it succeeded.

    King: Oh no..Shaz has him back in the ring and he is going for a pinfall. Kick out Vulgar..kick out!

    Shaz has Vulgar in the ring, and covered.


    Vulgar kicks out after 2. Both men are back to their feet, as they start trading blows back and forth. Finally, Vulgar gets the upperhand, whipping Shaz into the corner. Vulgar charges in, but Shaz moves, as Vulgar crashes chest first into the turnbuckle. Shaz grabs Vulgar from behind, going for the roll up.


    Mike Ripple: The winner of this match via pinfall, Shaz!

    King: No! no! Ref he cheated! He had his feet on the ropes!

    Jr: I might not agree with his methods, but Shaz did what he set out to, picking up his first win in his debut.

    Vulgar seems pissed, as suddenly, Smile Back by Mac Miller blares over the PA system. Shaz’s celebration is cut short, as Smokey walks out from the back to a big ovation. He has a mic in hand. He signals for his music to be cut.

    Smokey: First off Shaz, congrats on the win. Second, that is not how things are done here in ICW. You want to take the cheap route? That’s fine, but you’ll pay for it in the long run. See, since you decided to cheat to win, you and Vulgar are going to have a rematch. That’s right, you two will go 1 on 1, atleast one more time. How about, we have it take place at Bad Habit. How does that sound for your PPV debut Shaz? Oh and one more thing,. At Bad Habit, you won’t be able to cheat to win, because the only way to win, will be by escaping the cage!.

    The fans go wild over this,, as Shaz seems pissed.

    Smokey: That is right Shaz, at Bad Habit, you and Vulgar will go at it in a Steel Cage, oh, and this will be different. See, there will be no pinfalls, there will be no submissions, the only way, and I mean only way to win, will be by escaping over the top. And to ensure that, I am going to have the door welded shut. So once the cage comes down..only one man will make it out. Think you have it in you? We will see.

    The fans are going crazy, as Vulgar is showing nodding and smiling at this. The camera’s cut to a commercial break, after this announcement.

    ~Commercial Break~

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    Karnage comes back from the commercial break, to see Dave Steele has made his out to the ring already. He has a mic in hand, as the fans are booing like crazy. Steele raises the mic to speak.

    Steele: Artie boy, you know deep down in that sorry excuse you have for a heart that your win was nothing but a freaking fluke. There is no way in hell that you could ever beat me again. You're the type of sissy boy that likes to run his mouth but doesn't know how to back his talk up. Listen up sissy boy, face me again and lady luck will not be on your side.
    I will make Lady Luck my bitch and have her do whatever I tell her to do.

    So listen up Artie boy...and listen carefully... You go out there and get yourself one of your bed buddies and let's get this party started. Unlike you, I don't hang with sissies... I run in packs of wild, mean and vicious dogs and I found the meanest dog in the yard... Kryptonite!!! Kryptonite and I might not agree nor see eye to eye on a lot of things but I do respect the hell out of him. We will join forces and dominate the ICW. WAR has just been declared on the ICW. I will take no prisoners and leave no one alive. Kryptonite and I are going to kick ass all day and all night, either you join us or just stay away from us. Kryptonite and I are the first of the Allies to hit ICW and I guarantee you, there are more coming. Artie... neither you nor ICW will ever be the same aga....

    Artemis Eclipse

    Suddenly, Sequoia Throne by Protest The Hero blares over the PA system. The fans erupt with cheers, as Artemis Eclipse walks out from the back. Eclipse looks into the ring, as he is walking down the ramp, clapping his hands. He runs around the ring clapping and getting the crowd riled up. Artemis slides into the ring, and snatches the mic from Dave Steele.

    Artemis Eclipse: Wow... wow! What a rousing performance! You should get not only an Oscar nomination but the fucking win for Best Actor in a wrestling ring movie. You put so much emphasis on the word.. "Sissy" and "Artie Boy" that I almost forgot why you were even out here in the first place! You're a wreck. A freak. An accident. You are the epitome of what happens when the condom breaks.

    You're a limp noodle in a sea of pirhana. There's nothing in ICW for you realistically. You're nothing. I've proven that now and I'll continue to prove it wether I'm in the ring with a tag-team partner or not. I'm supposed to address who I pick tonight and how were going to kill everything in sight. Fact of the matter is, I could give a fuck less. I'm Artemis Eclipse. I'm going to be the first ever ICW Champion and there's not one damn thing you or anyone else can do about it you whack ass Marvel ripoff!

    And another thing, why do you even dress like that? Why should I care about Kryptonite? And to quote on of my best friends, luck is for losers. So suck on that.

    Artemis throws the mic down, and turns to leave, but is caught with a kick to the midsection from Van hooligan X! Van was able to sneak out through the crowd, hopping the barrier and into the ring. Van lifts Artemis into the air, and brings Artemis crashing down with a Vanhammer! Steele watches on, as Van slides out of the ring. Van looks under the ring, and comes back out with a kendo stick in hand. He slides back in the ring, as Artemis is slowly stirring. Steele is now out of the ring. Van smacks Artemis Eclipse in between the eyes with the kendo stick, busting Artemis wide open! Van starts wacking away on the downed Artemis, until security comes running out to break Van off of Artemis.

    King: What does this mean for our main event?

    JR: I don’t know King. I’m just hoping Artemis is ok and not injured.

    King: Well I for one am glad that Van got the upperhand as we draw closer to Bad Habit.

    JR: He didn’t have to do it by maliciously attacking his opponent though.

    The camera’s cut to a commercial, as the last images are shown of refs trying to help Artemis to the back, but Eclipse being stubborn, trying to go on his own will.

    ~Commercial Break~

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    Karnage comes back from the commercial break, as we see Artemis is back in the doctors station, being checked out by a medical professional. Smokey walks in.

    Smokey: So doc, what is the word? Can Artemis compete tonight?

    Doctor: He could, but any kind of contact to his head might cause a concussion. He took a really bad shot to it.

    Artemis: It’s fine Smokey, I’ll be fine. Let me compete.

    Smokey: You know, normally I’d be all for it, but I genuinely think you have a good chance of winning the ICW Championship at Bad Habit. Take this week off. Next week is the last show before Bad Habit, and I promise, you will get to get your hands on Van.

    Artemis: Oh ya…how?

    Smokey: Next week, in the main event, we will see Antonyo Angelo team up with your opponent, Van Hooligan X, to take on you Artemis, and which ever person is eliminated from the chase for gold match tonight.

    Artemis grins a little at this.

    Smokey: I’m not finished though. See,, I said each week someone would have a chance to beat Van to be included in the main event at Bad Habit, and next week will be the same. See, if Antonyo pins you or your partner, he is added. If your partner pins Van or Antonyo, he will be added. So..if you want to keep your match at Bad Habit 1 on 1, well, you better be the guy getting the pinfall. Now..enjoy your night off Artemis.

    Smokey walks out, before Artemis can say anything. The camera’s cut back to JR and King.

    Jr: What a revelation!

    King: I for one can not wait for that match!

    Jr: Me either King!

    King: But the better question is, who will be Artemis’s partner?

    JR: Well, we are going to find out next!

    The camera’s cut to one final commercial break.

    ~Commercial Break~

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    The camera’s come back, to see that Ryan Wells, N, and Clint Foster have all made their way to the ring, as they away the fourth and final man.

    Riley Omega

    Light Up The Sky by TFK blares over the sound system, as Riley Omega walks out from the back to a big ovation. He quickly makes his way to the ring, as the bell sounds signifying the start.

    Main Event
    Chase The Gold
    Riley Omega/Clint Foster vs. Ryan Wells/N

    Clint and N start the match off, as Wells and Omega step out onto the apron. The two men hook up, and Foster gets the upperhand putting N into a side headlock. N pushes Clint off, sending him into the ropes. Clint comes back, dropping N with a running shoulder block. Clint runs back into the ropes, going back towards N, but N rolls, as Clint runs over top of N, and into the other ropes. Clint comes running back, as N is to his feet. N catches Clint with a power slam, and immediately tags in Wells!

    King: Smart thinking by N, keeping the fresh man in the ring.

    JR: Basic tag team 101, quick tags will go a long way.

    Wells has ahold of Clint, as he nails a single arm ddt. Wells gets back to his feet, as he lifts Clint up as well. Wells grabs ahold of Clint, and nails a snap suplex! Wells goes for the cover.


    Clint kicks out after only 1! Both men are to their feet, as Wells whips Clint into the ropes. Wells charges in, nailing a vicious clothesline. Clint is left, using the top rope to hold himself up in the corner. Wells grabs Clint, and flips him upside down, putting Foster into a tree of woe in the corner. Wells starts putting the boots to Clint, before running to the corner, tagging in N.

    JR: Another quick tag

    Omega is shown, anxiously on the corner, waiting for his chance to get in the ring. N charges into the corner Foster is in, and nails a drop kick to the face of Foster. Fosters feet come undone from the corner, as he drops to the mat. N goes for the cover.


    Clint kicks out. Clint tries to go for a tag, but N cuts off Clint with a big forearm to the back. N grabs Clint by the legs, and locks in the sharpshooter! The ref checks on Clint, asking if he wants to give, but Clint just shakes his head no. Clint tries to crawl to the ropes, but N drags him back to the center. Clint looks like he is going to tap, as Omega leaps over the top rope, and nails N from behind with a big drop kick. The ref goes to try to get Omega out of the ring, but Wells tags N, getting himself into the match. Wells charges at Omega, but Omega cuts him off with a thunderous super kick! Omega then climbs out onto the apron, and starts trying to get the fans behind Clint to give Clint momentum. Clint is on his knees, as he crawls towards Omega. Wells goes to grab the leg of Clint, but Foster dives, tagging in Omega. Omega sprinboards off the top rope, and comes down nailing a tornado ddt on Wells. Omega turns, as N is trying to climb into the ring. Omega nails a massive standing dropkick, that sends N to the outside. Omega seems to have the momentum.

    JR: Look at Omega go!

    King: No no no! I wanted him to be eliminated! Come on Wells, N, someone, stop him!

    Omega drops Wells again, this time with a big swinging neckbreaker. Omega ascends the nearest turnbuckle, signifying he is going for Sky High but the European Union blares over the PA system. Antonyo Angelo comes running out from the back, and gets down by the ring pointing at Omega. Omega turns his attention to Angelo, and Wells is back to his feet. Wells grabs Omega, and nails The Freak Attack! Wells goes for the pin, as Angelo holds the feet of Omega. Neither the ref nor Wells sees this.


    Mike Ripple: The winners of this match, via pinfall, Ryan Wells and N!

    Angelo starts going back up the ramp, smiling, as Omega seems pissed!

    JR: Well it looks like Omega is now out of the match!

    King: That’s right,, and he is now Artemis’s partner next week in the main event. Maybe he can win and be in the championship picture?

    JR: Maybe,, but still, why did Antonyo get involved in something that didn’t matter to him?

    King: I don’t care, I’m just glad Clint or N weren’t eliminated!

    JR: And that means we now have the triple threat between Ryan Wells, Clint Foster, and N next week!

    The last images shown are of Omega standing at the ropes, looking at Antonyo going up the ramp, and Wells in the ring celebrating his win. The camera’s fade to black.

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    Hey, so for those that like to read, I wrote a blog called Uncooked, reviewing last nights Monday Night Raw. Be sure to read and comment if you have a minute!


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