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    FCW need to get a TV deal in the US and UK. I'm really enjoying it.

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    My favourite NXT was with novak, brodus, bateman, the guy that won it...
    That NXT was more entertaining than raw at the time.

    Now they're all pretty bad cos this NXT redemption has gone on for soooooo long. How long has it been? It's frightening. Black Cena has had so long to make an impression, and he's as dull as White Cena.

    I do think FCW has good matches tho
    for NXT I don't know about better matches. But the camera angle is way more fun.

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    This is still my favorite match of the last FULL year. (This excludes PPV matches)
    To Be The Man....

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    Damn at around 4:40 in that video it actually looks like baretta is flying that freaked me out!

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    Yes, they do - generally it's because as they go down in rank, Vince has less and less to do with them. Which is why SD puts on the better matches, and NXT/Superstars generally matches or tops it, and FCW tops that.
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